Deforestation and climate change.

Deforestation means clearing forests and cutting trees over a large area. In the past deforestation which means clearing earth’s surface has occurred some over 4000 years ago according to Adam D (2009). Clearing a huge amount of forests may cause in bigger damages in quality of the soil and bad climate changes is a result of deforestation. Forests cover about 30% of the earth’s surface but panama lost each year and day a considerable amount of forest lands. Each and every day earth faces many problems because of the excessive cut of trees and extremely damaging the soil. Reason for cutting trees and clearing forests are the extreme benifts that humans can gain through trees. “Climate and forests are interlinked” said by Dr.Mizarnur Rahman. Rain forests are mostly like cooling band for the earth’s equator and cutting the rain forests will be a big problem in climate changes of the earth. Forests prevents earth from the carbon dioxide trap and forests play a major role in maintaining the climate changes. On the other side destroying forests, over harvested and burning may cause for releasing huge amount of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases to the earth surface . As examples we can say that excess of rainfall, changes in weather patterns and internal heating of the earth are disadvantages of deforestation.
First of all we should know that deforestation mainly cause for climate changes in earth and this is mainly because or the inconsistent unpredictable earth temperature. Most of the heat is stored at the atmosphere of the earth comes from the sun. This will regulate the world’s climate.The atmosphere contains of several gases like oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. BBC News(2012) mention that some of the gases such as carbon dioxide vapour, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are known as atmosphere heating gases and another thing is the rest of the energy of the gases will increase and contribute to the global warming. Later these gases are introduced as GHG which we calles as greenhouse gases. The earth surface contains a climate that is having an ability to avoid sunlight.

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