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Last updated: February 14, 2020

Definition of the climate change is, the average change over a decade (10 years). (“What is climate change”) But today, climate (temperature) all over the world is increasing. There are lots of reasons like using too much fossil fuels, raising too much livestock, etc., about why earth’s climate is changing. Today, increase of climate change became one of a very serious problem in the world because increase of climate (temperature) cause lots of bad things or bad events in our world like increasing of sea level, winter is becoming shorter and shorter, etc. And this climate change is related to science; in biology, chemistry, and physics.
Chemistry has relationship with climate change. The way which the earth maintain energy is one of the example of the chemistry. Greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere help the earth to maintain its temperature and this thing is called “greenhouse effect”. The most famous greenhouse gas is CO2. And there are more greenhouse gasses like methane, water vapor, etc. (“Over view of greenhouse gasses”) Greenhouse gasses prevent the heat goes out to the space, so with those heats (the remaining heat of the earth), earth can maintain its temperature to 15 Degree Celsius. If there are no greenhouse gasses, all the heats in the earth will goes out to the space and the earth’s temperature will become to -18 Degree Celsius, and then any living things could live in the earth. (“?? ???”) Like this, greenhouse gasses are good thing, but the problem is, the substances which cause greenhouse effect became too much today. Today, as the technology develop than the past, people started to produce more CO2 than before by driving car, CO2 from factories, air conditioner, etc. and these CO2 made the amount of greenhouse gasses increase. Because when the amount of greenhouse gasses increased, they will hold more heat into the earth, so the earth’s temperature will increase too. This process is called “Global Warming”. Global warming is serious because of the global warming, there are lots of bad things happened like glaciers in the earth are becoming smaller because as the temperature in the earth is increasing, they are melting too. This is cause negative things like lots of animals which are living on the glaciers like polar bear is losing their home, etc. Climate change and biology has relationship too.
Climate has a great effect on biological systems. Climate affects to survive and reproduce of living things. Survival and reproduction depend on how well they adapt to local climate patterns. Climate change can interfere with the confrontation between organisms and their local environment, reduce survival and reproduction, and have a subsequent impact on the distribution of populations or species across geographical areas. (“Biological Impacts of Climate change”) For example, when the climate is not good for some specific species, the species won’t be able to live in the environment. Also, when some specific species adapted to the environment very well, then only the species will live in the environment and these things will cause bad thing in the nature. Collectively, it will change the function of the ecosystem and the biological community. Changing the function of an ecosystem will affect to human too. It can increase or decrease the speed of human-led climate change. Besides the effects of climate variables such as temperature and rainfall, plants can react directly to increasing CO2 concentrations, while aquatic organisms can cope with changes in water chemistry as greenhouse gases melt in water. The Earth is already undergoing enough climate change to affect the biological system. So climate change of course is related to human not only the animals or plants. Climate change and physics has relationships too.
Physics has relationships with climate change too. Climate change has relationship with water cycle. Water cycle is various forms of water always move into a complex process. (“Water and Climate change”) Global warming already has measurable effects on this cycle and is changing lots of things like the amount, distribution, timing and quality of water available. When the water cycle changes, all water users (people, animals, plants, etc.) will affects by changed water cycle too. Water cycle will change because of the climate change. Then do you know why the water cycle is changing? Today, the earth is becoming hotter and hotter and its temperature is increasing. (“The water cycle and climate change”) When the earth’s temperature is increasing, it will evaporate more amount of water in the earth (from ground and ocean). When the temperature increases 1ºF, it can save 4% more water. This mean, when the temperature becomes hotter and hotter, the earth will hold more water than before. These changes will cause lots of specific and negative consequences. Lots of scientists are predicting in the future, lots of things will change. (“Water and Climate change”) America’s (Northeast and Midwest) precipitation will increase especially in winter and spring, and this event will cause flood to the city. Also the other area’s (especially southwest) precipitation will decrease especially in warm months, and as storm tracks move north, longer and more severe droughts are expected, making the dry areas drier and drier. These changes may affect to all living things that are living in the area. The other consequence of climate change is declining water quality. For example, water temperatures will generally rise in rivers, lakes, and reservoirs because of the climate change. This tends to lead to lower levels of dissolved oxygen in water, causing more stress on oxygen-dependent fish, insects, crustaceans and other aquatic animals. And last, when the stream polluted, those polluted water will carry to bigger water like ocean, lake, etc., then living things which are living in the water like fish, crustaceans will be die because of the polluted water.
Like these reasons, climate change is related to science (chemistry, biology, and chemistry). And climate change became one of the very serious problem today in all over the world. We must prevent the climate change for our future.


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