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Last updated: December 30, 2019

Death is frequently connected with the elderly and people suffering from terminal illnesses receiving palliative care in hospices, care homes and hospitals. But dying can take place in anywhere including prison, home, and unexpected deaths. Socio-economic status, ethnicity and gender all play a big part in how and where people die and how communication is affected during death and dying. (2009). Openness and honesty are therefore critical to help with preconceived thoughts in the dying person’s views and emotional state, and clear precise skilled communication is vital by way of relatives and specialists, to make certain that the dying individual can have as much preference and independence as possible guaranteeing their requests and desires are met. Twomey (2009) talks honestly about her father’s loss of independence due to medical staff’s biomedical technique, they refused to admit that he was near the end of his life, concentrating on medicalization, meant her father received unsuitable care at the end. Twomey also recollects personnel declining to discuss her issues about her mother while she became hospitalised, leaving her with emotions of feeling upset and annoyed that her trepidations had been disregarded.


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