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Last updated: February 7, 2019

Dear Wife and daughter, It’s been some time since I have wrote to you all.

I kept telling myself I was being brave enough for battle.I thought courage will soon blow out all the terror and fear.If it is that I should fall in battle I will always remember that it make a man feel strong when you have a special somebody behind your back in this world.I have no misgivings about my faith in this earth or lack of confidence in, the cause in which I am endured to battle as if it were my last and fighting for those who I love and my confidence does not halt nor falter.The bloodiest chance at a perfect life could give us our future together and it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

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My heart yearns day after day and night after night in hope of spite a chance being you and our daughter .I Love you very much and hopefully i’m fortunate to see you one day.Having traveled so far from home and the thought of thing you and our precious daughter makes me believe in what I’m fighting for.I am sorry im not present with you nor written letters yet. I’ve been having a heavy cold about three weeks ago by marching in the filthy mud in the rain for hours I have been pretty sick but I am getting better now and hope to be well by a few days.Now days the weather is beginning to feel like layers of thick frost behind your back freezing every single night.No expression in anyone’s face just pure sadness throughout beyond their eyes.I am grateful I have family by my side always.

I would like some good fresh apples, a bottle of preserves, some fresh berries and nuts if you can get some good ones, some tea and coffee perhaps . I would like some sugar too.Compared to the disgusting food I’ve been having for weeks now.Perhaps so a towel and a couple of clothes will be very generous of you. If there is any room for anything else I wish that you would fill it with other items such as blankets. Hope shall unite us one day as a family and until then I will never stop fighting for the ones I love not until my last breath on earth.I will remember the good time we had together and soon new ones.I think about you everyday envision a perfect life with you and our precious daughter.Until god brings us together……..see you soon.Yours Truly ,Billy


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