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Last updated: January 25, 2019

Dear Mr/Mrs. Mackenzie, I wish to apply for the role of Prefect in Year 11. Considering myself to be a suitable candidate, I believe that I have the qualities required as I am reliable, punctual and my attitude to learning is of an excellent standard at all time.I am available to help the school community.

I would like to point out that I live near the school, which means that I could also stay after lessons for overcoming events.I would like to support the maths department by:1. Stick maths related questions posters which would stimulate students’ mathematical interest.2. Provide helps for students with revision sessions on their current topics that could improve their knowledge.3. Help organizing competitions such as “Kangaroo” which are beneficial to University application.

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I have never been involved in any leadership role as I am self-conscious of my reserved character. Therefore, in year 11, I would like to challenge myself and use this opportunity to develop communication and initiative skills.I am convinced that this position comes with great responsibility and it will be vital for university and future career Thank you for reading my application.Kinds regards,Serena Xu 11B


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