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Last updated: April 17, 2019

Dear Gerald,As you know, the Roanoke branch is accepting new accounts without evaluating the effects of the new accounts on the current project workload. As a result, our employees are being required to work overtime without notice or compensation. This has resulted in staffing issues, also employee morale and productivity to decline day by day. It is important that I communicate effectively and efficiently with the salaried employees and the hourly waged staff to guarantee the success of the agency.

I need to verify that the managers are using their resources to accommodate the employees during this period of work overload. I need you to provide me with payroll statements from the Roanoke branch for the last 12 months. Also Gerald, I need you to provide a summary of the agency policies and the branch policies regarding overtime and compensation/benefit packages.I’d like you to come by my office on February 1, 2018 at 10am with all the reports you’ve gathered.

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Together we will review them, after which, I will write the manager at Roanoke, explaining how to proceed with his staff to solve the issues mentioned.Feel free to include Jane and Mike on the project. We’re a team and each branch’s success is vital to the overall success of the entire company. Please understand the extreme importance of this request.Regards,


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