Data mining may be valued as the increasing of meaningful and analytical scenarios from weighty data. It is the readiness of origin beneficial complaint from the bulky total of data. It binds unwritten data analysis with algorithms for advance comprehensive amount of data. It is an interdisciplinary room coming together concepts from databank systems, stats, coach lore, reckon, notice hypothesis, and model notice. This paper elaborates on what data mining is, the trends so far on data mining, related or similar technologies or concepts, achievements of its advocates, its reported strengths and weaknesses and the future of it.


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In this era, information is very vital. It is because we trust that information precede to might and succession, and thanks to sophisticated machines or technologies such as computers, satellites, etc. that have helped in collecting tremendous amounts of information. Initially, with the arrival of computers and disgraceful
for bulk digital storing, we started collecting and storing all sorts of data, counting on the
power of computers to aid chance through


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