Currently in Australia Coffee has become a drug readily available, widely used, legally accessible and socially acceptable psychoactive substance. As caffeine’s popularity increases, anyone of any age, especially amongst the younger generation, have become addicted. According to Yvette Brazier of “The Mayo Clinic” states that ‘adolescent are the fastest growing population of caffeine users with studies indicating that 83.2% of teenagers caffeinated beverages regularly.’ The recommended consumption of caffeine for adolescents is a maximum of 100 mg a day(equalling to about 1 cup). Over consumption of caffeine may lead to physical and mental side effects including but not limited to; nervousness, jitteriness, increased heart rate, anxiety, sleep problem and poor academic performance. Teenagers reviled that the main reason they consumed coffee was to fell more alert, which lead studying better.

I chose this topic as it was something I was interested and concerned about. As a student, I often stress about school work, which is the main reason I consume coffee. As a precaution, I wanted to learn more about caffeine use in teenagers. I know that a large population of students at my school consume coffee without knowing the risks. So as a result, I intend to improve the knowledge and management of caffeine consumption amongst students attending my school.

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My aim was to investigate weather students attending my school understand the short and long term effect of caffeine consumption. I also wanted to look into whether my school provided information about caffeine to students. I investigate multiple risk associated with caffeine consumption in adolescents. In order to investigate and promote coffee consumption, I limited my research down to three guiding questions.

• What are the short term effects caffeine consumption has on teenagers?
• What are the long term effects caffeine consumption has on teenagers?
• What are symptoms associated with over consumption of caffeine?

My primary resources consisted of my survey and observations required during my Health Promoting Activity. My secondary resources included multiple online articles and books provided at my school library. I was able to gain the most useful information about caffeine risk from the article and surveys, as these sources provide the most relevant statistics and reliable information.

I created a survey relating to the risk associated with caffeine use and why adolescents consume caffeine. I distributed 40 surveys, however only 32 were passable. I gave the surveys to student ranging between 14-16 year of age. The surveys were not targeted at any specific attributes, but rather to student to test the general knowledge.


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