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Last updated: April 28, 2019

Current and Future applications of Artificial Intelligence in medical systemLuxton, David D.

“Artificial Intelligence in Psychological Practice: Current and Future Applications and Implications.” Professional Psychology: Research and Practice 45.5 (2014): 332-9. ProQuest. Web. 10 July 2018.This article illustrates about the current and future aspects in medical field of AI.

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It is totally based on the latest techniques and machines. Artificial Intelligence is growing continuously day-by-day in every field. AI makes our life easier and efficient by giving us useful machines. No doubt, Artificial Intelligence helps us in many fields like as education, internet, space, automation. AI plays a special role in medical care. AI gave a list of beneficial instruments to medical care that can save a life of human. Face surgery and mental health cure operational instrument are a great example of AI.

Virtual reality is a great application of AI. We all know about the VR box that connects to our mobile phones. In some cases, VR is also used by mental health clinics for operations. Computer related activities like mind freshening games, puzzle games are an examples of A.I. All in all, AI technologies helps to make our life more comfortable.Artificial Intelligence Security Concerns”Artificial Intelligence, Real Security Problems? Meet Frankenstein’s Children.

” Security Intelligence, 5 July 2017, Accessed July 10, 2018.Security means protection.

Security plays a great role in the world. Everything needs security even from smaller to bigger. We all are very careful about our bank cards. That’s why we keep our bank cards carefully. This article shows about security concerns of Artificial intelligence. No doubt, AI has so many benefits tools or machines that gives us security. But AI machines are not smart like humans.

Robots can do work many times faster than humans, but these machines has no mind. Robots do not know what is good or bad? So it could be harmful. Robots should be configured properly before doing any work. Every coin has two sides. Whereas, it proves a boon for humans. It has some security concerns and limitation.

AI technology requires strong security features in the machines as it is highly recommended by entire world. Most of the AI machines has some lack of security features. Overall, AI technologies are becoming more secure and effective with time.


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