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Critical AnalysisTitle of the Article: Title of the article is clear but it must be as concise as possible, in the light of academic writing it is believe that the topic of the article is concise and clear.

Journal information: There is information about the journal name in this article which is Academic Research International. There is a volume number mentioned which is 2, also issue number but not mentioned the page range, in journal its fine if there is not any page number because there is volume and issue number present. In academic writing all these things are essential to mentioned in your study or article. Author’s name and Date: Author’s names are Asif Jamil and Malik Amer Atta who write this article and exact date of publication not mentioned but month and year is available which May 2012 was. So both the things are mentioned.Most of the things are mentioned but some are not present. There is a specific representation of article according to the rules of academic writing, there is a proper format to write all the things such as author’s name, title of article, journal name, volume number, issue number, page range and DOI etc, like some things are to be italicized like volume no.

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which is not done which is missing in this article or don’t follow the rules of academic writing. Abstract:Abstract of this article give a clear overview of the study that what about this study is going to be and what happened in the study. In the abstract there is a sample size of the study, mentioned the methodology that what methods or techniques were used during this study to get information about it. It also mentioned the findings or results that they get it from. But not mentioned the problem of the research that why this study happened or what is the purpose of it. Problem of the research which is an important thing of the study, why you need to conduct this study, what is the purpose of the study, so it is consider to an essential thing about research or any study. Also not give the recommendation in the abstract which is also the component of abstract.

So these two things are missing in the abstract.Introduction Introduction of an article is important thing the reason is, it give the overview of the study or what you are going to say in your article or essay. It make the ground or introduce your topic to reader. The strong point of the introduction of this study is, the authors clearly mentioned the significance of the study. Also mentioned the purpose or objective clearly in introduction part that they want to know what is the role of motivation or influence of parents in student’s study. They make the ground for the reader to understand what they want to say and make the overview of the study as well which is a good thing.

Hypothesis of the study also present that there is significant role of parental involvement and motivation on education achievement or not. For this they use H0 or H1. Now there are some weakness of the introduction of the study that they don’t clearly mentioned the problem of this research clearly that why you conduct this study. Secondly there is no definition of key terms like what is meant by motivation, what you mean by education attainment and parental influence etc. They not talk about their research design that how they conduct this study. Is it a qualitative or quantitative research, not mentioned anything about it. According to this study, it is practically important that parents take part in their child’s education and motivate them to get educate properly. But in our country, most of are not interested to educate their kids, the reason is they are not educate as well and believe in to make them earning hands with them.

Literature Review There is a review of literature in which author mentioned the work of other authors on similar topic that what their studies is about and what they get results from it. Then you compare these with yours. In this article, all the sources that are cited is relevant to this study. All the works that are mentioned in it is pertinent with the study. Author not give any reference which is not linked with this study and this is the stronger point of the article. The review is in between of broad or narrow, the review is all about the facts by which one can attain their educational achievement and get progress, explain almost every point by which a student get success at secondary level. Also they have stated the seminal works related to their work which is also strengthen of the article. The review is more conceptual than theoretical, the reason is there is no theory based on this topic also this is a conceptual thing that if parent participate in their kid’s study than it’s obvious that he/she attain good grades.

The references that are given in this are not too recent or not too old, they start from 1990’s to 2003, so it is consider to recent one but again not too recent. The achievements of other studies were that students get their education and make progress in it by many factors such as parents take a look in their child’s education or other activities, teachers also responsible for it and give motivation to their students and offer more intrinsic activities, school or classroom climate also matter and there is a balance between curricular and co-curricular activities as well. This study is about that parent’s contribution and motivation have a positive effect on education of students at secondary level which is important stage of education. Methodology This study is quantitative and original in nature because data are collected by distributing questionnaires in different schools and get information from it. In methodology there is population and sample size is stated as well which is a worthy thing of the article.

Questionnaires are the tools and they are valid, developed and reliable so in this way pilot study was conducted. Variables are students and parents, this study simply calculate the correlation among the variables evaluated relation between parent’s participation, motivation and education achievements. Procedure not presented in enough detail, there is missing things that is there any problem they faced in field, how they organized the questionnaire, how they make reliable and valid their tool etc. These all things are cited in the procedure so that reader able to know you doing this research. Data Analysis The data is quantitative because the instrument used in this research is questionnaire and the analysis of this type of data is done by SPS. Researcher fined a correlation between motivation and parental involvement.

The findings of this work support the hypothesis and purpose to conduct this study.Discussion There is no proper discussion section in the article but yes findings of the study are related to the purpose or objectives which is a strong point of the article. Findings are here but there is no conversation about its implication also it does not linked back to the review or other relevant studies which is a weak point of it. It is believe that author relate his findings or result with other work or studies. It also include author’s own interpretation of the results, in other words authors explain the result or findings of the study in their own wording. The findings are generalizable that parents have to involve in their child’s education and motivate them in order to get their educational achievements. Conclusions The conclusion of the study is obviously related to the original purpose of this research.

The conclusion and result of the study is that there was a significant and helpful effect of motivation and involvement of parents in student’s educational attainment at secondary level. With the contribution of parents in their children’s education, child get good grades and involved in their studies and get succeed more as compare to those whose parents have no interest in the studies of their kids. There are recommendation in the conclusion as well. Recommendations are parents play a vital role in establishment of their children, teachers and parents motivate the students in right way, child’s education attainments can be improved when there is proper guidance and motivation is given to them. This research not have any question at the end of the article so it not give not give any direction for future researchers to do some research on it.

Value of study: There is one thing missed in the whole article that what about those parents who are not educated and have not interested to get their child educated and not take any participation in their studies. So for those there is proper counseling that education is important for every child to lead a successful life and its parent’s responsibility to take care of their child. Also questionnaires are given to parents in order to get correct information.

So this contribution make the advancement of knowledge.


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