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Last updated: December 6, 2019

Creative AdvertisingCreative advertising is a developed strategy or strategies used by companies to approach clients in order to assess their needs and develop creative campaigns which fulfill their desires.

Creativity involves generating interesting and new attractive campaigns that will draw the public’s attention and eventually calls then for action i.e. buying the product.In order for a company to establish successful advertisements, it has to conduct advertising research first so that it can understand the feelings and emotions of the market they are targeting.

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Therefore it is important for companies to conduct research before formulating their creative advertisements. This helps them to know who they are targeting, where are they found, how really they would react to the advert, and will they remember the advert in the first place.Importance of research in creative advertisingResearch in advertising is conducted so to get good advertisements that will be so useful and motivate customers to buy a product. The research can be generalized and be based on how advertisement forms some effects on the client’s mind and feelings. Approaches such as economical, psychological, demographical and sociological can be implemented to go about conducting an advertising research. 1. Research helps to properly plan the campaign and the message you want to direct to the targeted audience, and getting the best idea that will suit your strategy when conveying your message.

This is so useful since it helps to find out more suitable ways of appealing your creativity into that particular group of people and it is where you are able to observe the advertising tools that your audience is exposed to, more often. By so doing as an advertiser you are minimizing the possibilities of un-efficiently creating adverts that may not eventually persuade the potential buyer to purchase your product. Furthermore the color factor, it is in the research exercise where you able to get views and opinions of how should your product look like. You are able to understand the target audience’s most appealing and attractive color and of for that in your product adverts and even package advertising.For instance creating good adverts that may be out of the ethical structure of your target audience, therefore even though they may be exposed to your said advert but due to the un-observed wrongs and right of that nation the final actions (buying) would not occur, hence the purpose of the creativity would not be awarded in accordance.

2. A creative advertising idea can get your attention anywhere from streets, TV, Magazines and internet (RAFIQ ELMANSY 13 March 20120). Therefore creating an advertisement conduct a lot of research about the target audience, product features and the suitable media channel to be used i.

e. out door, indoor, magazines, TV, Radio and even internet. More than that the attributes of the target market is so important since it affects the advertisement idea and identifies the most suitable ways to implement this idea.Furthermore prior to informing the public about your idea and even sell to them, one has to involve the product users to benefits from them on how should it appeal so well to anyone who may be interested in consuming it. This will definitely help de advertiser to create very interesting and even persuasive adverts that will compete with those of giant’s advertisers in the industry. For instance, in the advert of Toyota Leites Motors his creative adverts to lure even more clients to buy a new model offered by the company. The advertiser may get response like clients would say they feel a little more speeding Toyota vehicle this time, then in order for your creativity in your adverts to work well in their expectations, advertiser now knows that the car should be displayed overtaking even high hills roads then the advert will really call clients for action because this is what they need.

(Colter Brown 6 April 2012).Research in creative advertising helps to bring out answers on, what makes people purchase some products and ignore some? Why do people prefer some brands but no other brands? Do print advertisements and TV commercials actually influence clients’ behavior or not. With proper research such questions are answered. Basically, the particular kinds of research conducted in an advertising campaign are tailored to serve the needs of those who produce the adverts and sacrifice with their creativity in the campaign as well as the interests of the clients whose products are advertised.

Therefore advertisers who seek to direct their messages to a certain group of clients’ needs to know if the adverts are effective with that particular segment.In demographic and psychographic related issues. The creative adverts designer should consider that human population is dynamic. Demographic and psychographic considers the potential consumers ‘characteristics, behavior and attitudes. This as well gets to help in categorizing the population in terms of age, sex, ethnicity, education and even income. Such distinctions are of importance in advertising research, so that your creative adverts should communicate in good morals to your target population.

For example the language to be used should be proper and be in accordance to your target segments’ lifestyle. If your adverts will be designed to target the old reputable men, hence slang language must be avoided when you think of winning them.Research also helps during the production of the creative adverts. This is so especially during the production of a television commercial or a print adverts.

For example as the art director , copy writer or someone else in the creative advertising department of an ad agency is likely to ask for help from the research department, this assistance requested is as variable as advertisements themselves, yet all of it shares the same characteristics. Therefore research is needed to provide some specific information for the production on an advertisement. E.g.

some request that maybe asked from the research department could be, determining the color of most preferred Toyota trucks, if the creative adverts are for Toyota vehicles.For assessment-Research after adverts are made. Advertisers have two related goals for all their advertising messages.

First, they want their adverts to be convincing, hence be persuasive to the exposed individuals to finally fork out some cash from their pockets and effect purchasing. Secondly, they want them to be remembered. An advertisement fails to do its work unless it persuades the client and the clients remember the message at purchase time. Normally it happens that an advert succeed at one of these yet fail to do the other. It actually makes no different whether the consumer is convinced by an advert unless she remembers the brand.


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