Cory Matthews
Mr. Ziegler
World History
February 20, 2018
Middle Ages DBQ
The Middle Ages, a time period in Europe began after the fall of the Roman Empire. Rome couldn’t pay their soldiers because they were attacked. Other groups saw this and took advantage and repeatedly attacked the Roman Empire. Invasions by the Vikings, Magyars, and Muslims exemplified that Kings couldn’t protect their lands from invaders on their own. As a result of this, all citizens were categorized into social classes. These social classes marked the beginning of Feudalism. The Medieval Times can be viewed as a time of very little scientific and cultural achievements, feudalism, sorrow, and power of the church. The Middle Ages lasted from about 500 to 1500 A.D. The Age of Faith and the Age of Feudalism are labels that appropriately fits this time period. However, the best label to describe the Middle Ages is the Dark Ages because it was a bad time to be alive.
The best label to name The Middle Ages should be The Dark Ages because of the years torture caused from invasions. Invaders, usually from the North, would come into towns and villages, lay waste in the fields, kill people, and take their belongings and their loved ones into captivity.”They sacked town and village, and laid waste in the fields. There is no longer any trade, only unceasing terror…The people have gone to cower in the depths of the forests or in inaccessible regions, or have taken refuge in the high mountains.” These invasions caused people to live in fear and to evacuate their homes into safer places.”(Doc 7). The Bubonic Plague was a deadly disease in the 1300s that killed about 25 million people, affected numerous parts of Europe and North Africa. It is a disease caused by contact with infected fleas and spread by animal or insect bites or stings. “Medieval Physicians wore outfits made of cloth or leather to protect themselves from the Bubonic Plague.”(Doc 6). The doctors also wore bird beak masks that contained spices and vinegar


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