Topic: Environment

Last updated: April 28, 2019

Corporate Social Responsibility is a term used to express a company’s effort to give back to the society. Organisations carry out Corporate Social Responsibility for the following reasons: 1.

Positive social responsibility improves the public image of the organisation as well as its relationship with its customers. 2. A strong corporate social responsibility can increase an organisation’s chances of getting a news coverage thereby increasing its media presence. 3. CRS boost employee engagement.

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Naturally, productive personnel would want engage and be retained in these organisations. 4. Corporate Social Responsibility attracts and retains investors to the organisation. 5. For non profit organizations, it can increase the number of volunteer participation as well as volunteer Grant programs.

It also helps build lasting corporate partnerships. 6. More so, it helps NGOs raise funds via matching gifts, which has the potential of doubling the organisation’s fundraising avenue. 7. For employees, a positive work environment is a great place to work as it enhances creativity, innovation and productivity of staff members.

8. Employees are able to professionally and personally develop as a result of corporate social responsibility, and would also become more philantropically aware.


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