In this essay is about a country research on Cook Islands geographical features, and Cook Islands is a small country in the central South Pacific with French Polynesia to the east and Samoa to the west. The country consists of fifteen small islands and coral atolls that were scattered to two parts. It categorised northern Islands group consist of flat coral atolls that were closer to the equator and are sparsely populated, while the southern Islands group are made from volcanic activity and quite hilly and have more vegetation and sparsely resources. It is almost 1000 miles from the north parts of the islands to the southernmost and it has are distinctive thus covers a large area of ocean for so few islands and the total land area of 92 square miles (240km²) scattered over different geographical features. Cook Island has the clearest cut of geographical features and geographical plain and landmass that located east- to- west and south- to- north. It has humid and arid forms of land with different types of landforms and vegetation. It has are distinctive zones of warm tropical climate and slightly cold and lower temperature. Below will be are brief research on geographical features for Cook Islands on different types of climate that has been experience, the type of vegetation that are forms, the types of landforms that are formes and the types of minerals resources.
Cook Islands are small, mid-ocean islands swept the southeast trade winds that lie north of the tropic of Capricorn, they typical have a tropical oceanic climate. Cook Islanders also recognize the traditional local patterns of prevailing winds, rainfall, and temperature. Cook Islands climate patterns are different regularly because of different seasons. The difference are mainly due to seasonal rainfall pattern, in Cook Island there are in fact two seasons, a wet and rainy season from the month of December to March and a mild dry season from April to November. Most of the Cook Islands climate are warms and slightly cool when the months are come to be May to October and the temperature range also change 22-28°C with more arid while in the wormer months from November to April the temperature ranges from 26-30°C with more humidity.
The temperatures are generally moderate and mean annual temperature on the southern islands are in the almost cool, they usually experience arid or wet season but not mostly….Tom (1993). Northern islands are almost warm because it lies north and it rays closer to the equator so most of the season were experience worm. When it comes to Cook Islands it is not bed time and the weather is wonder fully around and the wormer months are cooled by are brief afternoon showers that welcome the relief from the heat of the sun. The mild climate of this island hideaway and is responsible for its lush flora and fauna and its crystal blue waters are that much more enjoyable with the warm meanwhile sunny conditions.
The majority of the weather are confirmed to be sunny seasons and less rainfall are in the wormer months so the generally characterised by brief is that every afternoon storm at that month is rainy season….Google (2018/August/ 17tth). Often compared to Hawaii, the cook island have are very similar climate and actually share the time zone. The average annual rainfall is around approximately 2100mm so shows that precipitation is slightly lower in southern islands and higher in northern islands because it rays closer to the equator. It seems that Cook Islands are highly vulnerable to climate change and sea level rise owing partly to their small land masses surrounded by ocean, and their location in regions prone to natural disasters during the rainy season the islands can sometimes be affected by tropical cyclone and hurricanes. A spectacular climatic hazard is the occurrence of tropical cyclones which strike with destructive force that attack northern group of islands is more vulnerable than the southern islands.
Throughout Cook Island climate condition are favourable to the growth of coconuts and pendants and lowland forest. Cook Islands vegetation and environment is uniquely in both southern islands and also to Northern islands and there are attractively and conducive for animals to be exists and feed themselves…Carter (1984). Only a limited range of plant life thrives in the northern islands, with coconuts and pendants and lowland tropical rainforest being predominant because most of the islands are forms of atolls and coral reefs so less plants were formed and also less fauna or animals were exist to that environment.
Most of the southern part of Cook Islands are fertile areas were most of the indigenous species like taro, yam, banana, breadfruit, and sweet potatoes were growth. There also have are huge pendants trees, coconut trees and tropical rainforest and with less grassland….Google (2018/August/16th). Most of the indigenous plants growth were brought in by original Polynesian settlers with main fauna, though a few goats, horse and other animals have also introduced at that particular time. Most Cook Islands vegetation are distinctive in south islands groups of Cook Islands because almost islands there are forms of volcanic activity and quite hilly and have more vegetation and sparsely resources. Most environment for Cook Islands were conducive because this island is closer to the equator were the sun rays so the climate and the temperature is more predominant to the environment and the vegetation. Meanwhile Cook Island is only two seasons are wet and dry were every animals exist there are favourable to the environment.
Cook Islands landforms are mostly made up of volcanic islands, atolls and coral reefs that dominate. The islands of the southern group are Aitutaki, Atiu, Mangaia, Mauku, Palmerston, and Takutea this shows various combinations of atolls and high-islands form from the volcanic activities for some thousands of years ago. The islands of Northern Islands are Manihiki, Nassau, Penrhyn, Pukapuka, Rakahanga, and Suwarrow are all formed from coral reefs and atolls. Except Nassau are atolls, narrow and low-lying sandbanks resting on circular reefs around lagoons rich in marine life….Google (2018/August/16th). However, Most of the landforms are found at the southern part of Cook Islands and are distinct in physically like mountains, hills, slopes, valleys, lakes, swamps, caves, plains volcanic mountains, and others physical attributes that are formed.

Out of all this islands, Mangaia is the biggest islands of other islands around the Cook Islands and has rugged mountain named as Mt Mangaia that are formed by volcanic activities. This mountain is bigger and tallest mountain at southern part of Cook Islands and also mountains around Cook Islands. Mangaia also has Lake Tiriara at the foot of the Mt Mangaia and large freshwater meet this lake from the mountain. Mangaia also have big cave named Touri cave contains two running subterranean stream, one freshwater and the other salt and there is a 400 metres sump inside the cave which ends in a permanent sump. There are about five lakes that were located south islands and two at north islands and most of the mountains are found in the south islands. Aitutaki has the biggest swamp area that located southeast and Atiu has gentle slope that were created by climate change when sea level rises and erosion take place.

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Most of the lands from the northern islands are forms from coral atolls and coral reefs and has less mountains and others physical features….Reilly (1982). It seems that most of the other lands were seems like plain and no river because of small land and less streams flows. Out of all island from north part, Pukapuka is a small island has a big swampy area and it also seems like lake on the east side of the swamp and it covers some part of that island and others islands share small lands with physical features like hills, lakes, mountains, valleys and also streams flow. Cook Islands has are fertile land with are distinctive land compared to others parts of the Pacific Islands and much landforms were mountains and hills from coral reefs, atolls and volcanic eruptions and less other physical features around Cook Islands.

Cook Islands has are less number of mineral resources ranked by Pacific Islands Minerals Authority (PIMA) than other parts of the Pacific Islands. Cook Islands have small number of resources because the island is too small and slim compared to other part of Pacific Islands….Stanley (1982). So it has less resources on land and only one mineral resources at the bottom of the sea that were guaranteed by Cook Islands government a Manganese. Others like Cobalt, Nickel and Copra this are land resources that has been formed on land. Those are core minerals that value Cook Islands, which makes the significant cash flow of the Cook Islands economy. Manganese is the only minerals resources that were exported to the world market while others minerals resources are not recognised at the world market, because there were small amount of resources were extracted so it hard to process and send to the world market.
However, Cook Island is said to be sitting on a significant field of Manganese nodules, which are known to host mineralisation in the seafloor. According to the study done in 1990s, its Manganese nodule are so rich in cobalt that there are enough to supply global demand for the next some hundreds of years. According to the Pacific Islands Minerals Authority (PIMA) accept the cook island seafloor mineral resource was ranked the most largest and known resources throughout the Pacific Islands and other parts around the Pacific. Recently however, interest in seabed mining has continue in and around 2009….Stanley (1982). There establishing the Cook Islands Minerals Authority and a regulatory framework for seabed mining in the country. Frequently, Cook Islands is at an important juncture in the development of its seabed minerals noted has a potentially highly lucrative resources.
Most of the minerals on the land are owned by the government but there are not introduced to supply at the world market. But the government invites other countries and companies to mined and send to other countries to process. Nickel were mined by American company and export to Japan in rows for them to process…Google (2018/August/16th). Others resources are measured to extracted out but they see that the income will be less the total will be expense to extract the resources in the ground so the government use Privacy Company and extract the minerals and sales at the local markets were interested countries meet the demand. So the Cook Islands economic is at least flow at the point and they also export manufactures goods.
It is remarkable that Cook Islands is a small country with many islands from north to south and it has a distinctive layers of geographical features with two seasons that were experience in a year. However Cook Islands is the only country in the Pacific with are widely recognised commercial viable polymetallic nodule field mining with in the Exclusive Economic Zone. Moreover, geographical features of Cook Islands were very unique because most of the vegetation is not rugged but it is conducive environment with better plants and animals so more tourists are attracted. So throughout the Pacific, Cook Islands is one of the most beautified environment with constant climate change and climate pattern in a year. Most of the countries around the world are desired on Cook Islands because most of the islands are fertile and more resource are applicable. Seems that Cook Islands will be developed to another standard in terms of human resources, development, cash flow, education system, manufacturing and trade. This are some of benefits that will be applied to Cook Islands after some years later.

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