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Last updated: February 6, 2019

Contribution of the Technology/ Gadgets • Virtual worlds for businessVirtual Reality headsets had contributed to many fields such as business, education and so on. Businesses can create life imagination in risk free and low cost by using VR headsets.

This is useful especially for companies who produce harmful or dangerous products which need to be evaluated before spread to people. They can test their product by using a virtual reality without any kind of risk to their employees and also themselves. Virtual reality technology has advanced to the stage. This is because it has a high standard of efficiency and trusty in business field.

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Some of the companies normally use virtual reality headsets to help with data analysis and forecasting the latest trends in order to gain an edge over and advantage on their competitors from other companies. One example of this is a system developed by users which is designed to help businesses to gain a greater understanding and productivity of their information. For instant, there are a lot of companies who use virtual reality for business to hold meetings with large numbers of people who are located in various locations. The advantage is it has low cost solution to the problem of communication with large numbers of employees in desolate locations. It also convenient for all the employees.

• Virtual worlds for educationEducation is another area which has use virtual reality headsets for teaching and learning situations for lecturers and students. The advantage of this is it enables large groups of students to interact with each other as well as give students a new way to experience learning process and also create their own creativity. It is able to present complex data in a comprehension way to students which is both fun and easy for student to learn and remember the things. These students also can interact with the objects in that environment in order to discover more about virtual reality.

For example, astronomy students can learn about the solar system and how it works by physical engagement with the objects in astronomy view. They can move planets, watch around stars and track the progress of a comet, mars and pluto. This also enables them to see how abstract concepts work in a three dimensional environment which makes them easier to understand and retain.This is useful for students who have a particular and special learning style such as creative or student can easier to learn using symbols, colours and textures.


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