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Contrary to popular belief, Alaska is not the least densely populated state of the United States – it takes the fourth place in this parameter. From the end, of course.In the northernmost city of Alaska, called Barrow, the polar day and the polar night last almost three months. During the polar day, the sun-fed pumpkins that grow here can grow to truly monstrous sizes (see interesting facts about pumpkins ).About one third of Alaska is located within the Arctic Circle.

The lowest temperature ever recorded in Alaska was minutes 62 degrees Celsius.Alaska has about ten thousand glaciers. They cover about five percent of the territory of this state.In one of the cities in Alaska, the mayor for more than fifteen years was a cat. No, seriously – really a cat, named Stubbs.In the capital of Alaska, the city of Juneau, it is impossible to get on the road – that simply does not exist. Cars in Juneau carry only on ferries.

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Also in this city you can get on the plane.Alaska has about a fifth of all US oil reserves.Laws in Alaska prohibit waking a sleeping bear for photography purposes. And even here it is forbidden to throw moose out of a flying airplane.One pizzeria located in Alaska has a service for delivering pizza on an airplane.The highest tsunami in the world was recorded in 1958 in Alaska, when the glacier hit the lake, causing a wave more than half a kilometer in height (see interesting tsunami facts ).One of the species of frogs inhabiting Alaska freezes for the winter. In the spring they thaw and continue to live, as if nothing had happened.

Alaska and Russia are separated by a distance of only three and a half kilometers.Earthquakes are not uncommon in Alaska. The second strongest in the history of the earthquake occurred just here, in 1964. His echoes were heard even in Africa (see interesting facts about earthquakes ).During the “gold rush” potatoes in Alaska were valued on a par with gold – a kilogram of potatoes per kilogram of gold.

The fact is that then among the prospectors, scurvy raged, and potatoes are an excellent remedy for it.


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