Considering the definition of an organization, it is identified as an entity that utilises various inputs like capital and resources to process them and develop the outputs in the form of products and services. In order to ensure the growth and success in the global market, the entities are highly required to invest most of its capital in R&D and marketing for studying the attitudes and perceptions of the target market customers. Every business provides priority to satisfy the customer by the way of providing them effectively and quality comprised products and services. More the satisfied customers contribute to bettering the position of the company in the respective market. Hence, the global competition generates due to providing products and services to the customers according to the prices they pay (Rongwiriyaphanich 2014). Companies engaging in these activities successfully generate increasing brand identity, revenue, and profit. In case of Nestle, the company is engaged in the typical planning process for ensuring the adequate growth in the business operations is maintained and the nutritional health and wellness products are offered flawlessly to the customers in the internal markets. The overall planning and controlling process of Nestle are guided by adopting the capacity planning.


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