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Last updated: February 15, 2019

Conscious is the state of consciousness where we completely aware at the time to an external situation or inner safe of being, like emotions thoughts. Subconscious is a level of awareness which stores our memories and experiences to use when needed and these memories and experiences can affect the decisions and behaviour without realising.

The subconscious also enables us to carry out routine actions without thinking, or automatically like driving a car or typing on a laptop. Subconscious is a level below our consciousness and we can control the behaviour without being aware of it. For example, we might consistently move our leg very quickly up and down in a tense moment without realising that we are doing it, but when we realise, we quickly understand that movement was an expression of anxiety. Freud stated the deeper level of consciousness is called unconscious he also stated that restraining and denying feelings, desires and motives are hidden away also from ourselves. Freud theories were this process should happen because it taught us that these unapproved emotions and our thoughts have brought us shame, quilt, the dissatisfaction of others.

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Freud stated that the unconscious holds what we really think, feel, desire.


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