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Last updated: February 11, 2019

Conscious is the state of consciousness where we are completely aware at the time to an external situation or inner state of being, like emotions thoughts, wishes this is a form of our metal process that we can think and talk about reasonably. Part of this also includes our memory, which is not always part of consciousness but can be recalled easily whenever we want and brought to our awareness. According to Freud Preconscious is an area that’s between conscious awareness and the unconscious. When the thoughts are preconscious there not on the conscious level and also they are not buried in the conscious but there in between and the memory can be brought back with focus or can be called into consciousness.

Freud stated the deeper level of consciousness is called unconscious he also stated that restraining and denying feelings, desires and motives are hidden away also from ourselves. Freud theories were this process should happen because it taught us that these unapproved emotions and our thoughts have brought us shame, quilt, the dissatisfaction of others. Freud believed that we get that understanding into what is contained in like fear, and desires as children through our dreams, problematic behaviours.

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