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Last updated: January 13, 2020


There was conflict between the staff members This conflict is associated with a positive motive, which is then classified as the functional type of n classified as the functional type of conflict

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Conflict Management
0:02:00 – 0:04:10

A ‘Closer’ of the business deal, usually performs at the end of the performing stage in the Team formation processes, Harvey who was called to in to report on the business deal progression. He acted as a third party, trying to figure out when and how the problem had arised. He figured that the business entity that he was about to close a deal with had an issue with Harvey’s Honorary Vice President. The business entity, Mr. Gerald Tate had introduced his personal issues of not wanting a specific person to be the Honorary Officer. He’d introduced his personal issues to completing a contract which isn’t acceptable in a workplace, but he is allowed to make changes in the contract. However, the changes must be completely to both parties. In this case, the Closer, Harvey, didn’t agree to the terms of the other party.

Unethical Behaviour
0:04:15 – 0:06:20

• In a room, where an Entrance Exam to Harvard law school, Mike ha acted suspicious to the proctor, who had caught him looking around the classroom instead of his exam (he wasn’t necessarily cheating but he wa rather done writing his exam).
• The proctor then released that he knows him and he places his exam paper aside, and when he was distracted, Mike Ross placed it back in between the other stacked papers and then ran away
• Outside the classroom, Mike ‘framed’ another student by giving him the blue cap he was wearing so when the proctor turned to look at him, while Mike escaped
• Mike then got to the apartment of his ‘client’, where he got paid for writing the exam for the client. Which means that they cheated the client into getting into Harvard , through the means of plagiarism
• Secondly, the guy he ‘worked’ for didn’t pay him the full price, so because he’d committed an unethical act that he couldn’t report being defrauded.
Both of these men have committed a type of crime according to where they mention the differences between the cases and also classify them as forgery and larceny (because he wasn’t paid his rightful amount)

Consequence-Based Theory
0:07:10 – 0:08:35

? Mike is offered a job to deliver illegal substances by his close friend for a share of his earnings
? He declines the offer because he knows it may be a ‘death-wish’ or may get him locked up in prison for a long time
? He realizes that this could result in a bad consequence

Utilitarian Theory
0:13:38 – 0:14:25

? Mike received terrible news on his grandmothers health and is also told that for her health to improve he would have to pay $25000 or the nursing center would move her to a state facility.
? Mike begins to consider the offer his friend made, and calls to confirm that he’s going through with it, but on condition that he receives $25000.

? Mike’s friend, Victor overhears that the delivery might be potentially dangerous because the people he’s making a delivery to might be police officers. He then feels guilty for putting his friend in that position, but he can’t warn him because he ‘dealers’ took his phone after he was caught listening to their conversion.

? Mike had only thought about the benefits his grandmother (who desperately wanted him to stop committing crime), would be getting if he’d accepted to deliver a briefcase full of illegal substance for his friend, with that came the danger of almost being arrested until he landed in a conference room of graduates from Harvard University.
? He mistakenly got into the room with the interviewer who had liked him, not only because he was impressed by his skill of identifying a potential risk in the situation he was in, but also he had the passion of actually becoming a lawyer.

? Harvey wasn’t looking to hire a new associate, but according to his business he was required to give him a heads up when she sees someone who has the similar personal attributes that he does
? When he goes through all the ones that don’t impress him, he tells his secretary to challenge them. That is when he finds Mike who explained how he had landed in that conference room and Harvey admired Mikes skills for being able o understand whatever he reads or spends his time on.

? Mike gets fired by Harvey because Harvey got the firm fired by one of their biggest clients because Harvey had lied to him to speed up the process of closing the deal and if the firm were to find out that he’d recruited an associate that didn’t have the appropriate requirements, Harvey might get his license taken
? Mike Ross doesn’t give in too soon, he then bribes Harvey by telling him that if he gets fired, he’d expose him to his superiors

Threat of new competitors

? An employee that worked with Harvey, Louis, didn’t get the position Harvey got promoted to, he went to Mr. Tate to et a deal with him. He told him that it would be better than the one he was promised at the Pearson firm.

? Harvey doesn’t get promoted anymore because it was said that he lied to Gerald Tate to close the deal sooner, but Mr. Tate found about this from another source (who works in the firm), he’d only told Gerald because he didn’t want Harvey to get the position he wanted.

? Harvey demands his promotion back by also using the similar technique Mike had used on him. He tells Jessica that if he doesn’t get his promotion, he’ll also notify the board that she hadn’t reported it the moment she witnessed it.
? He got his promotion back on condition that he does a case that doesn’t exactly like, but he hands to his new associate which is Mike Ross

Threat of new competitors or rather rivalry existing competitors refers to the competitive market the business would have to compete aggressively against to gain and maintain its market share, but in this case the competitors are within the same business, both working towards the same goal or position. That’s why Harvey’s employee, Louis advised Mr. Gerald Tate of the deceit in the business


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