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Last updated: January 31, 2020

Pakistan is suitably anchored and none of the challenges is as grave to be categorized as existential threat. Being a developing country, Pakistan has to follow a long and arduous route of hard work to safeguard its people against nature induced challenges, invest heavily to measure up to UN Sustainable Development Goals, develop all inclusive robust social security network and maintain compatible institutional readiness to deter non-potential aggressors. Military deterrence, diplomatic manoeuvrings and short-term political arrangements are ineffective and or inadequate in addressing non-traditional security issues. Tackling them essentially requires nonmilitary means including comprehensive political, economic and societal responses. If such ‘security framing’5 is to be effective, it must attract due attention to these challenges, convey a sense of urgency, and develop the capacity to rapidly mobilise national and international resources and create elaborate institutional support for commandeering these resources for their effective, efficient and equitable employment to mitigate these challenges and their consequences. It’s an ongoing process that can only be sustained through robustness of institutions, sufficiency of resources and participative response from state and society.


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