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Last updated: April 26, 2019

Concept Testing is a process of using different type of surveys which can then be used for evaluation in terms of whether a consumer/ buyer would accept the product prior to the launch of actual product in the market. In other words it can be defined as a research which enables us to have a good reasonable understanding of a particular concept’s strength, its weaknesses and shows us factors of improvement of a particular concept.This basically addresses the situation from a consumer’s point of view whether there is an actual need for the proposed concept or not.

This concept testing takes place usually before a commodity is marketed. Concept Testing is a very critical as well as a necessary part of the process for the makers of consumer packaged goods. (In Text Referencing, page 217). When it comes to the evaluation stage of New Product Development the term concept testing arises in the third phase which is known as Concept Evaluation.

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Concept Testing is often considered very critical as it makes a critical addition in terms of its advancement as well as in purifying the conception. As it enables us in measurement of the market share and how much money or revenue the product would generate.It enables us to predict in advance the demand and demonstrates whether the product is actually in a stage where it could be launched or not.

The primary purpose of a concept testing is to refine, develop innovative ideas. And therefore it eventually increases a product’s chances to enter the market successfully without any problems.


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