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CONCEPT OF BIOLOGICAL SPICIES Panmixia beautifully explain the concept of biological spicies “Panmixia in biological science involves group of individuals that have a tendency to breed together. Such organism are unable to breed with organism related to different group.Thus, we can say individuals of same spicies can breed together are comes under panmixia.In a population pixies are group of individuals that can interbreed freely ( Ernt Mayr )GENES : separates one spicies to anotherGenes are the stretch of DNA or RNA sequences that codes for particular physical feature and function , hence promote individual with distinct characteristics. These genes are responsible in giving different identification to spicies therefore genes separate one species to other. So , we can say differences within genes arrangement spicies looks different from each other. That is why genes are known to be the unit of heredity.

The term genes was coined by danish plant scientist ” Wilhelmina John sent in the 1st decade of 20 th century.Specification is the phenomena behind ” spicies that can interbreed with one another while other can not “Splitting of lineage ( F.Cook 1960 cladogenesis )Speciation is the process of formation of new species . It generally happen when there is present reproductively different isolated as well as diverge character.Darwin stated species formation and it ended with today’s genomics fundamental. Through these information we can easily explain why and what separates one species to another.

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( safe an , RJ and Nosil, P 2012 , the origin of new species . Nature education specification )Species are fixed ( Linnaeus).Evolutionary process caused species to change continuously. Mystery of specification ( Darwin, 1859; origin of species ). He choose natural selection to study variations among population and hence postulated origin of spices in 1859.Lineage from their ancestors by evolving different characteristics over long periods of time. Mordern synthesis, genetic models are proposed to illustrate the genetic mechanism of evolutionary change ( Mayr and prions,1998 ).

Interbreeding within species . ( w.w.w.the )Dogs and wolf, breed together but still they are considered to be distinct species.

Reason is that there are two phenomena under which spicies interbreed differently. They are fertile and sterile offspring.Fertile offsprings of animals mated comes under same spicies, but sterile offspring are the result belongs to different species characteristics.An offspring named ” mule ” is having characteristics of half dog and half horse. Similarly, half dog and half wolf characteristics are having tendency to have sterile characteristics ( Nigel ,cockfosters. UK )Dogs are just domesticated wolves that have been bred artificially into shapes and species designation. It is Canis domestication ( dog ) that abolished which is just a sub – spicies of canis lupus , wolf . ( Steve Jones, 32 almost like a whale )Paleo species They are the group of species with similar fossils are considered to be a member of same spicies but have slightly different morphological features that is it does not exceed range of variation of living spicies within close related lining of species.

( Ue , )Dissecting behavior : Controversial discussions over classification of dogs and wolves under subject of dissecting behavior. According to me the word hybrid is not correct for wolf dog since, both are taxonomically sub -spicies of canis lupus. Dog( canis lupus fammiliaries ), wolf (canis lupus lupus )” Are dogs and wolfs come under same species ” ( by presscottbreeden )Evolution is a lengthy process that took millions of decades to complete. ( eg Dawkin,1986 ) .Archeological fossils have shown results of gradual changes within species overtime of millennia. Some evolution goes too slow to be happen or to bring changes within species example, feathers of Diana’s ours and eye of flat flies.

Mutations and sexual selection are responsible to bring about changes or variations among the species .This recent distinction shows that dogs are classified as Canis familiarized a different species than the wolf. ( Carlvon lines )Hybridization is the term that proof the interbreeding from genetically different population, except their taxonomic status. ( stormed and Paquet 2013 )CONCLUSION : Firstly , although wolves and dogs are having similar genetic characteristics and hence they comes with distinct population of genetics.Secondly, dogs are the species canine and wolf are the species lupus . So , they are not closely related and hence they don’t belongs to each other and therefore they both are considered to be distinct spicies.

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