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Last updated: November 2, 2019

Competitive Scenario in cable TV networkCompetitive threats for TFC were very high. There are 2 major competitors for the TFC 1.CNN2.

LIFE TIMEThese two channels are the biggest competitors for the TFC because their ratings are high compare to TFC.Ratings of these three companies TFC CNN LifetimeAttractiveness 3.8 < 3.

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8 < 3.8Awareness 4.1 4.

6 4.5Perceived value 3.7 4.1 4.4 This results on their ad revenues. The main reason for taking away their market share of ad revenues is due to this competitive threats. The reason is they were not segmented their market they were not implementing the strategy of detailed segmentation, branding and positioning.

By this data the company decided to do a proper market segmentation to reach right consumer with valid information and message. The company needs to find the worth having consumer groups to pursue. For to identify these types of groups company uses market research. This market research results not only the demographic data but also behavior of the consumer what they want,what they use and also what consumers will value.The company hired GFE associates for this market research.This market research team constructed more than 100 questions to the consumers on their behavior towards fashion and how the network is served.By this survey the GFE came to a decision and taken a common needs and attitudes of the consumer.They figured the viewers in certain category’sFashionistas, Planners Shoppers,Situationalists, andBasics.


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