Topic: Linguistics

Last updated: April 4, 2019

Competency statement III think that my teaching practices support children’s intellectual and physical needs inside and outside. I feel that children should be taught through activates in every subject like science, language and literacy, creativity, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, self-concept, emotional, social skills, and mathematics.One for examples are self-concept the children take large butcher paper and lay it on the ground then they lay accosted the paper and we trace their outline after that the children decorate their models and reflect on each other’s work taking pride in themselves. I think this activity helps build self esteem through creativity and self-reflection.CS IIA one of the activates that I believe helps children develop physically is a fun game of red light green light children focus on whether they can run or walk by looking at the teacher’s street light signs they present this develops their lower large motor skills with a fun exercise.

CS IIB This simple language arts activity sight words is a developmentally appropriate language and literacy activity because it allows the child to practice sight words and how to spell them out developing the brain to recognize words and letters.CS IIC Q-tip skeleton I think is a great activity to teach creative arts by mimicking their own skeletal structure with art supplies. One of the things I think is neat about the activity is it almost acts like an art/science activity because they’re not only being creative they are also learning about their own bone structure.CS IID using Spanish is a great way to promote communication language development in all children, including dual language learners. Children learning a new language can help them communicate with other children that only use one language. Studies have shown that children who use two languages improves a child’s ability to learn.

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