Topic: SociologyCommunications

Last updated: March 17, 2019

Communications establishes a relationship between the superior and the subordinate and the quality relationship is entirely dependant on the nature of the communication. As blood flows, it pumps oxygen through the body to sustain life. Likewise, communication is the lifeblood of organisational projects and activities. For the different projects that an organisation runs, the Project Manager continuously circulates project information from the stakeholders to the workers implementing the project iteratively throughout the project life cycle.

Without communication, stakeholders and the project team are not aware of the current state of the project and the decisions being made. A project team flowing with effective communication is empowered to make more contemplative and educative decisions. The business of an organisation is run on an interchange of information, plans, ideas proposals and use of data. This is achieved through different communication means such as conducting discussions and meetings.

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