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Last updated: April 17, 2019

Communication skills such as listening, seeing and reading are the critical attributes of engineers who seeks others to make their work done. About 60% engineer spend their time by time on communicating with other professionals in job to complete their work (Trevelyan 2014). Effective communication enhance interaction ability with others and help us to behave as professional. Listening others is not just for the sake of listening but to understand the hidden meaning what he/she wants to express and finding contents beyond the words. While listening one should maintain eye contact, posture, expression and give concentration so that the speaker got interested to speak further in the topic. Taking notes during listening is the best approach to keep record. Seeing is the act of watching, understanding the situation and analyzing the condition. While seeing something we start visualizing the contents and mind mapping is the best way to record the things what we see. Reading is important to learn new things and while reading we should understand the core meaning of the text. In engineering, before implementing any project we should read all the contents and facts related to that project only then we can execute the process.
All these three skills are equally important. To achieve these key behavior I listen to the teacher during their lecture carefully and take notes. Also I listen to my project group mates ideas in the project meeting. I try to visualize all the data, information and facts which I observe during my study. I spend most of my time by reading before executing any work e.g. while doing project I spend 60% of my time doing literature review.


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