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Last updated: April 19, 2019

Communication is the key to social interaction. Communication helps people to express their feelings ,share ideas, and effectively contribute to discussions.

In most cases, language creates a great barrier to communication between different cultures or communities. For effective cross-cultural communication, people have to realise the need for knowledge. Without knowledge, cross-cultural communication is next to impossible. This information involves understanding the cross-cultural problems and developing way to overcome them effectively. Also, people should recognize the need for behavior adjusts in the case of personal efforts failure. One should realise the difficulties that are brought about by cultural differences and be moderate at making judgement and conclusions that are culturally partial.In today’s marketplace across the globe, the ability to communicate multi-culturally and effectively is very vital. To establish a common aspect between enterprises or people, the first step is to set up a communication field.

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Establishing a common ground helps in creating productive dialogue between the two parties that will improve the relationship between the two sides. While establishing a common ground, the two sides have to recognize the cultural differences and different cultural expectations.Cross-cultural communication in a deals with understanding different business practices , communication strategies and beliefs. Language differences, high-context vs. low-context cultures, nonverbal differences, are major factors with various other elements that can affect cross-cultural communication.

Language Differences The motive of communication is to share ideas and convey knowledge from one person to the other. The first step in communication is input, something that is received by someone else. The communication model is successful when the receiver gives feedback that he or she understands what was being sent. From a business point of view there are many hiccups than the flow of communication. These hurdles include culture, environment, language, people, and technology. For the reason of this culture refers to the customs and traditions that are practiced in the country where each company is located.

These traditions and customs effect policies and procedures executed by businesses. Technology is simply form of mediums such as social media, email, Internet, and phones to communicate. Language is what is spoken in the country where the company is located. If the languages of the two companies are not similar, then one company should learn the other’s language or a new language must be created. People refers to the internal structure of the company, including employees, managers and CEOs. Environment refers to the external that affect the company. For example, the economy can have an adverse impact on an organization and present a barrier to cross-culture communication.

when these hurdles are cleared firm are free to experience new inventions , less arguments, and better circulation of information. J. KuHyun (personal communication, July 20, 2009) stated “to be successful as a global corporation communication is critical.” High Context Culture and Low Context CultureThe concept of high context culture and low context culture was found by Edward T. Hall and the way of understanding different types of cultural orientation. We all are involved either high-context or low-context communication at certain moment.

There are times we “say what we mean, and mean what we say,” leaving little to be “read in” to the explicit message. This is low-context communication. At other times, we may infer, imply, or deliver with nonverbal messages that we want to have communicate but without speaking. This is high-context communication. Individual oriented cultures is preferred as low context communication/culture and communal oriented cultures tend to be high context communication. Examples of Low context culture includes countries like United States, Germany and Switzerland etc. however high context cultures are that of China, UAE, France, and India etc.

It is important to recognize that people from different culture are different in variety of ways including different way of looking at things, dressing and expressing personality/goodness.HIGH CONTEXT CULTURE LOW CONTEXT CULTURE• Implicit and veiled communication way• Code Information• Some differences between internal and external• More nonverbal code• High commitment• Strong interpersonal relationships• Less demonstrative Response• Highly Flexible of time • Explicit and Direct communication way • Clear information• The flexible relationship between internal and external • Detailed verbal code • Low commitment• Estranged interpersonal relationship• Demonstrative response • Highly structured of time Nonverbal DifferencesEye contact and body language are two branches of nonverbal communication that is somehow used differently around the world and emotions is also considered as mode of non-verbal communication which are the so-called “universal language of emotion”. Universities and firm must teach the trainees in the proper way to use nonverbal gestures as to not offend other . For instance, American workers tend to wave their hand and use a finger to point when giving nonverbal direction. Extreme gesturing is considered rude in some cultures. While pointing may be considered appropriate in some contexts in the United States,.Eye contact is another form of nonverbal communication.

In the U.S., eye contact is a good thing and is seen as a reflection of straightforwardness. Whereas , in Middle Eastern and Asian cultures, eye contact can be seen as negative or aggressive in many situations. Women may need to avoid it altogether because have eye contact can be assumed as a signal of sexual interest. In conclusion, it can be said that the emerging and latest changes making the grounds of communications shifting demographics groups of people in which the business should operate. Another thing which influences the changing way of business communication, knowledge retrieval and storage as well as the way in which business is being conducted is the emerging of computers and associated technologies in business.

Growth and expansion of business enterprises leads globalization, liberalization and privatization of present age which influences cross culture communication problems mentioned above.


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