Communication in businesses are normally formal however sometimes informal communication can be used between colleagues however it is still important to make sure spelling, punctuation and grammar is used correctly. Punctuation is important to the reader and it allows them to read or understand what it is being said, an example of punctuation are commas, speech marks, full stops etc. It allows the receiver to digest what they have been told. If information has bad punctuation it could mean that the sentences might not make sense or the receiver might not understand the information as it might be miss interpreted. Grammar on the other hand, helps make sure the correct words and tenses are being used, an example, for plural words using the word “are” instead of “is” or using the correct pronouns. Microsoft Word is normally used in business and they have built in functions like spell checker and grammar checker, this normally helps the individual or team keep an eye on their reports.
Writing skills must be at a good quality, for example if a receptionist is sending out a letter to a patient then the letter must give off a good impression and make sure that everything is professional like the header, the address and the date, individuals might either get a colleague to proof read the letter or for them to proof read it themselves, this is so they can spot any mistakes or anything that may need changing.
Verbal communication in a business must be clear and well spoken, for example if someone is presenting then they should have rehearsed and planned ahead before they presented their session, this so it comes across professional. When an individual or team are doing a presentation or conducting a meeting they have to make sure the audience is able to hear them, sometimes groups of people attending the sessions are given handouts so they can follow what the individual or team is presenting, these handouts must be suitable for the audience and have to be relatable to what is being presented.


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