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Last updated: March 24, 2019

Cole BowenProfessor CoxEnglish 10112 September 2018Many people hate to read, but I believe that reading brings power to your life. Growing up I always noticed how my sister loved to read. She was always reading something. I was not ever intrigued by reading, It just never peaked my interest. When I was twelve years old my sister suggested that I should try reading books. She explained to me that reading can have several positive effects on my life.

For example, reading can expand your vocabulary extensively. It was her influence that encouraged me to begin reading and actually enjoy it and everything it has to offer.If it was not for my sister I would have never began reading. I cannot recall a time that she was not reading a book or studying some article or periodical. My sister was always telling me stories about the books that she had read. I actually enjoyed the stories that she read about and told me. They were always interesting and drew my attention.

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I could not wait for her to finish a book so that she could tell me about it. When I was little, I watched my sister read book after book. As I grew up, she began telling me all about what she had read and I suddenly became very interested. One day she handed me a book and encouraged me to read it.

I was still a little unsure on whether or not I wanted to read it, so she told me that she would read the first chapter to me to see if I was still interested. That was all I needed to begin my love for reading. I read the entire book so fast and asking her for a book within a week. When I began reading it made me realize how important reading was and what a major impact it could have on my life. Reading allowed me to experience things I did not see or even know about. It opened my mind up to places and knowledge of which I was previously unaware.

Reading took me places that I could not physically go. It allowed me to see places, go places, and experience different things that I would never have been able to experience if it were not for reading. Reading also helped my comprehension, which also flowed over into other aspects of my life. It helped me in all subjects and made me more knowledgeable. In conclusion, picking up a book and beginning to read honestly changed my life. My sister encouraged me to take the step I had been afraid to make.

Reading has helped me learn so much. I realize that I need to encourage others to read and help them begin a book like I did. I want them to have the experience that I did through reading.


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