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Cody BartonProfessor Keith OglesbyEvangelism 1018 October 2018Methods of Evangelism Paper Part One: The Roman Road The Romans Road to Salvation is an intellectual method of sharing the Gospel by using verses laid out from the book of Romans. The Roman Road to Salvation explains things like, why man needs salvation, how man God provides this salvation, how man can receive salvation, and ultimately what is the result of salvation. First in Romans 1:20 it gives an understanding that God is the creator of the universe and we all have a part to take part in.

Then in Romans 3:10,13 it confirms that all people have sinned and are in need of salvation. Then it shows that the penalty of sin is death (Romans 6:23), but Jesus paid the ultimate penalty for sin by shedding his blood and dying on a cross (Romans 5:8). Next if man will confess that Jesus is Lord and believe in his heart that he was raised from the dead all can be forgiven and you will be saved (Romans 10:9-10).Advantages to this method is that it can be easily used to show unbelievers scripture.

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Using these scriptures gives an unbeliever an understanding of how God sees mankind and exposes our sin. It is a quick method to share the gospel with just a few verses pulled out of the book of Romans. Another advantage is that the Romans Road can be a useful method in reaching unbelievers who recognizes the Bible to be the literal word of God.

(Christy). If they do believe that the God of the Holy Bible is real then it becomes much easier to share Christ through these passages.A disadvantage of this method can come when an unbeliever does not believe that God exists. Therefore, they will not recognize the Holy Bible as the word of the living God and every point you may make they may reject because they do not believe in God (Christy).

In this situation believers should pray for the unbeliever and for themselves to see how God would want them to handle this situation. These situations can be hard and very frustrating but it is key to continue to show love to this person.Part Two: Servant EvangelismServant Evangelism is a relational method of evangelism. This type of evangelism is shown best to us by Jesus in John 13:1-20 and Matthew 25.

Jesus shows us as Christians that we are supposed to love and serve others with a lot of compassion, a generous heart and a kind and respectful attitude (Word of Life). In Matthew 25 Jesus tells his disciples that they should take care of the sick, cloth and shelter the homeless, and feed the hungry. As John Christ says “servant evangelism is more about doing the message of the Gospel instead speaking it.” People will see Jesus through how we serve, who we serve, and how often we serve. An advantage of this method is being able to catch the eye of unbelievers who may have a bad image of Christianity. If non-believers see people serving for no self again they will take note and wonder why.

It is also a way to be able to connect with non-believers in an unthreatening way. This could lead to a conversation with that person which will certainly lead to sharing the gospel of Jesus (Word of Life). Another advantage of this method is that by doing these acts of service you will not only be able to impact the Kingdom of God but also, be able to grow more in your relationship with Christ.

The final advantage of this method is that you will be glorifying God through the process (Word of Life). The servant method has a few disadvantages. Sadly, this type of method can sometimes take a little bit of time until you see results. Another disadvantage is that the person who’s needs are being fulfilled may never ask the question why, therefore, they may never respond to the love of Jesus and never become saved from the wages of sin. The last disadvantage is that sometimes people may take advantage of those who are serving which can have a negative effect on the person serving (Word of Life). Part Three: Door to Door EvangelismDoor to Door Evangelism is a traditional confrontational evangelistic method. Many people sometimes mistake this method for the Jehovah witnesses or Mormons (Rothra).

This strategy of evangelism is going from home to home to share the gospel with anyone who answers the door. It is usually done in groups of two or more and consists of going from street to street or neighborhood to neighborhood in a city or town. This type of evangelism as of late has become more effective for promoting church events instead evangelizing (Rothra). There are many advantages of door to door evangelism. One of these advantages is it is usually pretty easy if you are not socially awkward.

Another advantage is that the timing to do this is very flexible with someone’s schedule and can be planned. Other advantages include things such as, reaching an entire community, cost effective, and great for church event promotions (Rothra). A disadvantage though is that generally it can be hard to get people of the current society to participate in this method. Another disadvantage is that sometimes door to door work may not be appropriate for younger students to take part in (Door to Door). Lately, public responses about this type of work have been shown to be negative (Rothra).

Another disadvantage is that it can be hard to go to gated communities and urbanized communities because of security reasons. Sometimes it can lead to church promotion instead gospel sharing. The final disadvantage is that with teams of two or three people, should generally be mixed with different genders for safety reasons and that may be hard to organize (Door to Door).Part Four: What is the Method that Best Fits You?The method that best fits me in opinion is servant evangelism. Serving in my local church and community is something that I grew up doing and so it comes natural to me. I think the reason I like it so much is because now is because its literally being the hands and feet of Jesus. This method is so easy to do if you go into it with the right attitude and heart. Being able to make an impact on someone’s life through simple services can be super rewarding.

The rewards are not only for the person you come in contact with but with your relationship with Christ. Is this also the best method for approaching those in your life who are non-Christians?In my opinion I believe the best method to use to reach those who are non-Christians is Servant Evangelism. I have never regretted taking part in servant ministry or just being a servant throughout the community. The reason I think this is the best method is because people will definitely notice and most of the time they will wonder why. Usually when the wonder why they will ask about it. They may not even ask you, they may ask another person and that can open up the door to share Jesus. Another reason is was the last thing Jesus told the disciples to do before dying on the cross in John 13. We all can serve in some type of capacity whether it is in the church with various ministries or simply paying for someone’s meal who is less fortunate.

These acts of service can show the true love of Jesus for people. It is incredible how much people will notice and how big of an impact you can have on someone’s life without even knowing it. Work Cited”A Survey On Methods of Evangelism.” Word of Life Bible Institute, Word of Life Bible Institute, 29 July 2016,, John. “Methods of Evangelism.

” John Christy, 5 Apr. 2012,”Door to Door Evangelism.” Door to Door Evangelism, www.mrolec.

org/door-to-door.php.John L. Rothra. “Review of Seven Common Evangelism Methods.” John L. Rothra, 11 Sept.

2018, “The Roman Road.” Allaboutgod,


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