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Last updated: April 4, 2019

Co-occurrence of emotional and behavioral problems with PTSS may indicate coexistence of other psychological problems among PTSD + adolescents.

For example, severe emotional problems observed among them may indicate high internalizing problems/depressive symptoms observed by previously in PTSD+ victims (Breslau et al., 2000; Saigh et al., 2015; Saigh et al., 2002). Similarly, higher ratings of hyperactivity and conduct problems in the PTSD+ group is in line with the increased prevalence of externalizing behaviors and anxiety disorders observed among them (Kerig et al.

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, 2009; Saigh et al., 2015; Saigh et al., 2002). Studies by Goodman and colleagues have shown that diagnostic predictions based on SDQ agree well with clinical diagnoses (Goodman et al., 2000b Goodman et al 2003). Therefore, SDQ could be a choice in detecting general psychological problems of traumatized adolescents when facilities are not available for detecting coexisting specific MHP. Thereby, individuals detected in the borderline to abnormal level


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