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Last updated: February 25, 2019

Closed-ended questions can draw out particular details from an individual but not often it endorses the conversation. The person may feel interrogated by the subject questions asked. Questions are mostly answered back with a yes or a no or just brief answers for example if you ask the person who did you do today and get a response of nothing or who did you see today and get a response of no one. These questions generally start with words like do, we, who, when, where, and which.

Closed-ended questions shouldn’t often be thought of simple questions some questions that are close-ended questions that are asked not everyone can give a quick answer back. Closed questions are single words or a brief answer, these are examples of closed-ended questions. Where do you live, what do you study or how old are you? Open-ended answers that contain a lot of words.

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The ask for explanations like what person in the drama series is your favourite actor, ‘response’ well I actually really like all of them but the most I like is the girl and boy who is the main actors of the drama. This kind of questions often starts with words with words like what, how what way tell me about it. Both of the questions might start what the word what but it is important how it is used.

Open-ended questions that you ask a person make them think about it and it gives you handy information about themselves. Open-ended questions consciously look for longer answers that are detailed information. These are examples of open-ended questions.

What did you do over the long holidays, this kind of question will give you an answer that is a lot of information of what they did and what places they travelled.


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