Climate can go below zero or over a hundred depending on the damage humans have caused due to the burning of fossil fuels which causes severe changes in climate. More powerful hurricanes, heavier rainfall, and more droughts are all occurring to the change in climate. For over the past 50 years the average temperature has increased at a fast rate than all recorded average temperature in history.
Removing an area that is known to have a lot of trees often resulting in damage to the land may be recalled as Deforestation. There are many forests that make up almost thirty percent of earth, but on the other hand most are being wiped out. If deforestation continues at the rate that it is going in a hundred years most of earth’s rainforests will completely vanish. The reason behind deforestation is for there to be enough room for farmers to grow their crops. The question is what is the effect of deforestation? Deforestation effects most animals and plants they can’t survive deforestation because they live in an area where there home is being destroyed by it (Deforestation and Its Effect on the Planet). Deforestation and global warming related to each other because we live in an area where the carbon dioxide is heavy in our atmosphere due to it is released in our atmosphere from cars and factories. The process of deforestation is preventing power plants such as tree which take out carbon dioxide out of the air, but millions of trees are being cut from deforestation which blocks this process from occurring. Lastly, one of the major reasons of global warming is deforestation (Jakuboski, Samantha).
In today’s world, there are many chemicals being released into earth’s atmosphere from many industries which are known to be industrial gases. What are in these industrial gases that is affecting the air we breathe? Industrial gases normally contain carbon-dioxide,carbon-monoxides mono-oxides of nitrogen. Effects of industrial gases are the gases being left by industries which pertain to greenhouse gases that cause global warming. While gases are being left this causes the ozone layer to form depletion (Industrial Gases and Its Effect).
Many may wonder what causes global warming and why is it such a danger to humans and earth? First there is something known as the greenhouse effect which occurs by an interaction of the sun’s energy with greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and fluorinated gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. These gases give the ability to trap heat in earth atmosphere which is why the greenhouse occurs (“What Is the Greenhouse Effect?”). According to scientists humans are responsible for 97 percent of the changes in earth’s atmosphere for the past two centuries. For example burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and population growth are all contributions to humans changing earth’s atmosphere(West,Larry). As for Humans this can naturally mean our consequences from the greenhouse effect are low temperature. Extreme flooding, snow storms like how we have never seen before and so on. There are many ways to reduce the contribution to the greenhouse effect which contributes to global warming,but many of us today are not informed on the drastic changes our earth is experiencing.
As we know from the greenhouse effect we know that it is made up of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, but out of all those gases carbon dioxide is the highest with a percentage of 72 percent. Being that carbon dioxide is the highest emission of global warming. Within the last fifty years the emissions of CO2 have increased enormously and are continuing to change by an increase of three percent a year. Most may be wondering what is co2? Co2 is transmitted by burning fossil fuels as to oil, diesel, natural gas, petrol, and so on. As that carbon dioxide is released into the air it lingers in the air we breathe today for almost one hundred to two hundred years(“CO2 – The Major Cause of Global Warming”). Global warming can definitely be caused by multiple things most certainly with the statistics proven of the co2 emission it is a main reason of global warming, not only is it staying in the atmosphere for years, but it is also in the air we breathe in today.
For many of years global warming has been around due to it is a cycle, but if it has been around for many years does this mean it is not anything that humans have to worry about an just a mistake mistake by measurement. Measurements of temperature increasing has been documented for several of years. Humans have a contribution to global warming as it is known to be around for many years,but we are speeding up the process of global warming. We may think we are in the clear and nothing is going to happen, but global warming is definitely real it is known that the earth’s average temperature has risen more than one degree fahrenheit (Wiltsie, Gordon). While the debate continues regarding if global warming is real or not the world should pay more attention on how to slow it down.
Temperature can certainly change among the years however it can take up to five thousand years for the earth’s temperature to warm up between five to seven celcius. The ice ages are known to be biggest temperature change our planet has experienced. Levels of Co2 have indeed been higher in the past 800,000 years (“If Earth Has Warmed and Cooled. . .). Temperature fluctuations should have been taken seriously in the past to prevent drastic changes that are going to start occuring.
Transportation is needed to get from point a to point b, although you may walk but who walks now a days. Big families can possibly have up to four for more drivers with a car most likely wondering what do automobiles have anything to do with global warming? Potentially automobiles can also be a big factor in the cause of global warming. Automobiles produce the most CO2 emissions unless automobiles industry decided to use more cars such as hybrid cars which are electric cars and do not use gas. If you keep in mind the amount of people in a family driving you realize how much of the co2 that the industry use is being released into the air. With advance technology in a world like today we should be using more hybrid cars. Automobiles are just one out of many factors that cause global warming.
As for the factors of global warming we will soon begin to experience flooding and droughts which are cause by global warming because sea levels are rising. Global warming also affects the evapotranspiration which causes droughts to occurs (Global Warming Effects. . . ).The change in climate will also increase the chances of weather related natural disasters. The threats of floods due to global warming can be dangerous to hurricanes may become two times worse. Which will occur many deaths and lost of property, we will have to adjust or find ways to prevent extreme flooding from occuring.
Global warming can change the climate but it can also take an affect on human behavior. It is stated that global warming will produce higher mortality rate as to parasitic diseases spreading. There will be higher rates of migration, which will lessen where humans may live or not because water levels are rising and won’t become a livable area anymore (Thorpe, JR). As for those who live in a territory where it is not the richest pertaining to hotter countries as to the carribeans will be hit the hardest with global warming.Hotter countries. Many may think to themselves that this is just another way to manipulate the public. Humans must stay woke and realize global warming will only continue to get worse if nothing is done to slow it down.


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