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Last updated: February 27, 2019

Civil service system is an important part of public administration and recruitment process is one of the main terms of that system. The duty of every civil servants is to serve the country through their knowledge and hard work. They have to think the betterment of the country. They work for the development of the country.

The recruitment process of civil service system is a long process for recruiting the civil employees. The article attempts to pursue the terms and policies of recruitment accepted in Bangladesh and Japan civil service system and also draws a comparison with each other. Bangladesh civil service examination is the process of recruiting the civil servants through merit basis.

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First of all, the candidates have to apply through online as the application process is online based. The age limit of the applier is 21-30 years. Then the examination is taken in three steps like preliminary of 200 marks, written of 900 marks and viva of 200 marks.

Then the posts are filled up with highest number holders. But only 45% of total are recruited through merit basis and others are recruited through quota system. Besides in Japan, the total recruitment process is based on only educational qualifications. Their examination is conducted on three ways like basic ability, specialized ability and interview. The procedure of recruitment is based on only merit and a candidate is selected through toughest competitive examination. There is no special privilege allowed for minor groups.

Bangladesh has to learn a lot of things from Japan specially recruitment policies in the civil servant system. The quote system has become the medium to make the recruitment process corrupted like district quota system is not necessary because it is a political promotion. Actually, total recruitment systems need some changes as now the candidates get preparation from BCS guide books.

They are decision maker of a country, they have to get proper knowledge about our bureaucracy, government and other public sectors. So, as there are many limitations in the recruitment process in civil service system, we have to follow the Japanese model because Japan took many steps to make their civil service system well established. So, we need some honest people who are not influenced by politics and political parties. Bangladesh is a developing country. The government should be sincere for recruiting the civil servants as they are policy maker of a country.


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