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Last updated: March 27, 2019

Cisco Meraki is the first Networking Technology in the Cloud Based Configuring and Managing Platform. This Meraki Technology includes all the networking devices.

Wireless Access Points
Security Appliances
Security Cameras
First thing which guide all this configuration and monitoring part is their Dashboard Interface.

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This is the Basic Dashboard which will be provided by the CISCO Meraki.

We can add all the devices including security appliances , Wireless Access Points etc.. The Monitoring is Pretty Accurate that we can have the Detailed Information about the each and every devices connected to the Meraki devices.
These Dashboard is not only the Network Monitoring Software but also address the following
Inventory and Devices which allows administrator for the to manage the devices regardless of the physical location.

Monitoring and Reporting is the Industry- leading application visibility which helps in the Network Monitoring Tool.

Licensing which is the security based which helps in giving access of the dashboard to the single person in the industry. He will be having all the Read and Write access for the devices present.

Organisations and Networks which is the best part of these Dashboard that you can monitor different location at one Dashboard.

Templates and Configuration System is user friendly.

Wireless Access Points:
Meraki is the World First Technology with Cloud Based AP. where the Configuration made Simple.

The Devices Connected to these Access Points will be monitored in the Dashboard . We can also monitor the data usage , Sites Visited etc…

Security Cameras:
These are Cloud based Indoor and Outdoor Cameras which are easy to deploy and configure.

The Monitoring of these can be done within the frames which are necessary.

There are many CISCO Meraki appliances till today i configured cloud based Wireless Access Points and Security Cameras.


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