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CIN502Sem Case Studies Assignment – 10% (20marks)You are your Own Worst EnemyImagine you are a supervisor and you are responsible for ensuring employees meet daily work quotas. But you find they are spending a couple of hours per day shopping online, chatting with friends through instant messaging, and so on. How do you motivate your employees to perform their work? (1 mark)Threaten themGive them a pep talkRemove online accessGive incentives to workExplain your above choice (2 marks)Being a supervisor, I’ll inspire them by giving them incentives to make them productive. Increasing their wages will encourage them to perform their task well. However, restricting the employees will not work because their life has been assigned to the technology which most of the time of the work; they are in front of the computer that entices to open social networking or shopping sites which is not related to work.

I will not totally restrict them further, in order not to restrict the employees totally; I will permit them to do their non-work related activities during break time since they also deserve a little break that will make them calm and not so stressful. As a supervisor, “I will take a survey from them that deals with knowing what they would suggest in order to have a pleasant workplace that will affect them in a good way” (George. D., 2018).

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In that I guess my employees will be encouraged to work well. Which of the following companies and industries would most likely prohibit social networking sites as well as cell phone usage? (1 mark)FacebookDefense organizationsGoogleNone of the aboveExplain your above choice (2 marks)The defense organization will most likely prohibit social networking sites as well as cell phone usage in order to have information kept secret. Prohibiting these will help to keep safe all the information. “This will help to protect from hackers as they try to rob the information” (Social Media in the Defense ; Military, 2018). However, prohibiting cell phone is not a good option because it is important when it comes to personal information and safety, and also if any problem occurs, it will be helpful to contact others.The above case study mentions the need for employee education. Which of the following would you include in an education program for helping employees better understand the dangers in which they place the organization’s IT infrastructure by using technology the wrong way while at work? (1 mark)Testing them on unsafe computer habitsTeaching them Ergonomics techniques to avoid health risks when using computersShowing them short cases of organizations that have been compromised because of unsafe softwareNone of the aboveIn the Intel Study mentioned in the case study above, about 30 percent of companies surveyed have changed their IT policies to allow access to e-mail from non-sanctioned mobile phones and to allow employees to use Social networking sites.

Give some reasons as to why these companies might have changed their policies? (3 marks)Firstly, the companies change policies as employee use of social networking site can costly impact on business. Secondly, it drops in the rate of productivity. This is through wastage of time of employees who use social networking sites every now and then.

It disrupts the work flow.Thirdly, it allows to misuse the companies confidential information, misrepresenting the views of the business, harassment etc.Coca-Cola is Everything: SCM, CRM, Collaboration, You Name ItWithin this case study, describe various IT-enabled initiatives and categorize them as either above-the-line, below-the-line, or some combination of the two.(2 marks)”Run-Grow-Transform framework is similar in many ways to both Porter’s three generic strategies and an above-the-line versus below-the-line approach, run overall cost leadership-below the line. IT systems are constantly stirring in the background, not only keeping the organization running, but also keep it running ahead of the competition” (, 2018). A developed organization like Coca-Cola with a well-defined and successful line of products and services will often focus more on the run aspect.

The organization may already be a market leader and want to ensure and sustain its competitive advantage through price and cost optimization. Cost optimization is one of the ways to minimize organization costs and is considering under beneath the line approach. Standardization in this case equates to saving money by reducing expenses associated with supply chain activities. Thus, in this case, it supports below the line strategy.

Why is standardization so important in supply chain management? Coke is developing its own set of software services for bottlers to use. Do you think Coke charges the bottlers for these software services? Why or why not?(2 marks)Standardization is the process of evolving and implementing technical standards. Standardization can help to maximize compatibility, safety, repeatability, or quality. Standardization is important since it provides smooth integration between suppliers and company and introduces effectiveness in SCM” (What Is Supply Chain Management? 2018). Besides that standardization is very important in Supply chain because process of supply chain will be more proficiently well-run and money can be saved by reducing expenses associated with supply chain management.

Standardization is very important, as it allows all departments within a business to communicate effectively and efficiently. SCM track activities through an entire company and for it to run more efficiently standardization will help vastly. Standardization is important in supply chain management because it help to level out the activities that it process for business partners which can interpret to higher efficiency. In my opinion, Coke does not charge for these facilities because most of the coke bottlers are owned by the coca cola company.

Bottlers just purchase the operations of bottling and the software services are to assist expansion of coca cola. It is a win win situation since Coke has to deal with only one type of bottling platforms and bottlers are getting most likely free software.Describe two different forms of e-collaboration in this case study. For each, articulate the benefits to Coke.

(2 marks)The two forms of e-collaboration in this case study are: Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System. These two management system helps the organization or company to assure that all things are in control and their business will able meet the highest sales of their product. These two systems are very important to owner of a business if he or she wants to become successful in the field of business.

How is My Coke Rewards an example of a switching cost? How can a switching cost not have a monetary penalty associated with it?(2 marks)Switching cost is the cost that makes customer hesitant to switch to other product or supplier. My coke rewards is one of the marketing concept introduced by coke to maintain customer loyalty and the program was launched in the year of 2006. Coke can get data on drink and buying patterns by pursuing information through sales and website. The information will go in the database so that Coke can bring up the data what is going on with the customers. It can use this information for customer relationship management activities in order to get in touch with their customers and be doing great with their business. Switching cost may not have financial cost if there alternative is provided in the company itself and customers have a habit of to stay within the company (My Coke Rewards, 2018).Furthermore, My Cokes Rewards at www. is an example of switching cost to attract their consumer to buy their products and offering a reward when you buy on them like “Just look under your bottle cap” promo to get the attention of the consumer. My Coke Rewards has no monetary penalty associated with it because Coke has their own IBM-hosted data centers and there are some partly owned by coke and that’s why some coke authorizations are independent. What sort of business intelligence could Coke gather from its My Coke Rewards Web site. How could it use this information for customer relationship management activities?(2 marks)Coke can find out where their aim market lies through the My Coke Rewards process.

People will claim prizes that they find important, and from this Coke can find out where their advertising money should be spent. My coke rewards encourages customers to buy coca cola products and collect bottle caps and packages to collect points to redeem later on. “The program runs on a powerful platform which combinations consumer information into a single database and applies predictive analytic model for profiling and segmenting consumer behavior. As more customers participate in My coke rewards programme the database grows and helps to personalize the customer database. The ability to learn from a consumer’s actions, as well as their stated preferences is key success to the platform” (, 2018). Sales force automation- since customers need to collect the Coca-Cola beverage caps in order to redeem for the My Coke Rewards codes, this means that Coca-Cola will able to track the sales, to identify which beverage is selling well. And from here, they would be able to understand the customer buying pattern, and taste preference.

Customer service and support- My Coke reward enable Coca-Cola to provide immediate after sales service to its partners, such as Nike, Disney parks etc. by advertising the offers given by their partners. Reference:George Dickson. 2018. 20 Simple Ways to Increase Motivation in the Workplace.

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