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Chinelo Lillian MacIver18MENTAL HEALTH & MENTAL DISORDERBY CHINELO LILLIAN MACIVERPRE-ACCESS TOHEALTH, SOCIAL CARE AND SOCIAL WORKCASE DETAILSIn this essay, I will be elaborating on the case of Suzi. She has lived with her partner for two years. Her friends had informed her of him cheating on her with her best friend, and that has made her not been feeding well as well as having sleeplessness.IntroductionSuzi as an individual is clearly unique, though sadly, she also represents many other patients who live in similar mental health condition. The press of this particular essay will be the review and management of her condition with reference to her mental health “Depression” which symptoms includes poor feeding and sleeplessness.

Mental health, an overview;Suzi needs to understand that good mental well-being doesn’t mean she is not hurt by the fact that her partner cheated on her but that she have the flexibility to cope with hurtful situation as this:The term ‘Mental Health’ according to world health Organization, is:”…a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” (WHO, 2017).In order to improve her well-being she needs to do the following,Firstly, be active: she needs to keep herself active and let go of some offences and create fun activities like listening to music, playing games and staying in charge of her emotion, as this will help improve her well-being.Secondly, be mindful: she need to be aware of her thought and feeling, weakness, strength and environment as this will help her be in control of her predicament and not get stucked as she is now.

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Thirdly, she needs to connect and socialize with friends and families, make time for activities that are relaxing, open up to one that she trusts on how she feels, as it will help her feel listened to and supported.Fourthly, she needs to keep learning new skills like language, spend couple of hours in the library and arrange short class where she can pursue an ambition. In line with the view of (Rayner, n.

d)Furthermore, she needs to give her time to those that needs it either by voluntary or in form of rendering help to a neighbor or friend or even just a smile can help her feel fulfilled and to view things from a different perspective. (NHS, 2016).Likewise, mental well-being is important in that it allows individual to realize their full prospective and feel more positive in places that provide tranquility and encouragement. It also changes life and create opportunity to learn.

What’s more, It help to maintain healthy relationships and build bonds with friends and families, and finally help to increase work productivity and make meaningful contribution to families and society as a whole.RECOMMENDATIONShe needs to speak with her partner to clear up doubts since it is just an allegation by her friends and not fact and also go for counseling. In addition, she should engage in a sleep pattern, ‘that is’, going to sleep same time every day and waking up same time, as that will make her body system get adapted to it.

Furthermore, she needs to get the right vitamins to support her feeding as that might help to increase her appetite for food.CONCLUSION”In conclusion, it is important for Suzi to realize that behavior change is something only her ‘the patient’ can engage in and motivation to do something is not an all or nothing phenomenon, but a matter of degree and readiness. (Mind, 2016)REFERENCESmind. (2013).

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