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Last updated: February 25, 2019

Cheating in School Cheating in school is a big issue because it happens so often.

Cheating happens in school because it’s easier to cheat then it is to admit that you didn’t do your homework or you didn’t do your test corrections so you got a 61 on to the teacher so it’s easier to just copy off of a friend’s homework and get the credit and the teacher will not know anyway if your secretive about it. in the long run cheating is really just screwing yourself over because you’re taking away practice that you might need because you wouldn’t be cheating off at somebody else’s work if you are bad of that topic so you need all the practice you can get and if you’re good at the topic and you just cheating over somebody because you forgot to do your homework that was assigned the night before then you’re prepared you don’t have to do anything you just forgot to do your homework but cheating is lying and lying is wrong because you’re telling somebody that you did something and you actually get any credit for it when you should be having to redo it during class and get maybe a fourth primary or something I mean the teacher still probably going to be willing to work with you but you just make it worse when you’re telling them that you did your homework when it’s your friends answers and when you and your friend get all the answers are on the teacher know something’s up and they know both of y’all cheated so now both of y’all are going to go to the zero because Because you cheated

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