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Last updated: March 25, 2019

Cheating in School Cheating in school is a big issue because it happens so often. Cheating happens in school because it’s easier to cheat then it is to admit that you didn’t do your homework or you didn’t do your test corrections so you got a 61 on to the teacher so it’s easier to just copy off of a friend’s homework and get the credit and the teacher will not know Breanna Allen English 12nd period Mr. Pittman Cheating in School Cheating in school is a big issue because it happens so often. Cheating in school happens so often because it is human nature to want to take the easy way out and cheating on something you didn’t complete the night before or in class you can ask someone you know to give you the answers. The teacher is going to see that you cheated when your answers are the same unless it’s in math.What cheating does to a students reputationOnce you have been caught cheating it is easier for you to be called out for because now you are a known cheater and this could be bad because you might ‘get caught cheating’ when you weren’t looking at anyone else and you are still going to get in trouble for it because you have done it once and so they can assume you did it again .

How cheating in school affects your education and your futureIf you are always getting other people’s answers in any subject in school then you are really just messing your own education up. And you are slowly putting yourself behind in that class because you are turning in someone else’s work and not your own. And because you cheated on that subject it will likely be brought up again in the course your taking sooner or later because you need to know it for something or the teachers wouldn’t want to waste an hour teaching it to you. And you won’t know it and everyone else will and you might fail the class because you skipped that lesson.The price of getting caught cheating in school.It depends on what you got caught cheating on if it was something like homework then you won’t probably get caught and if you do if your in high school then they will send you to ac and you will be counted absent for the class.

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If it is a test then you are probably going to get a 0 on the test and be suspended for a couple of days and more likely than not fail the course and not get the credits needed and be behind and possibly have to graduate late if you don’t take up an online course or another one to get enough credits to pass. If your caught cheating on an exam for a course then you will definitely be failed on the course and most likely will be sent back a grade because you couldn’t make up the credits you needed to go onto the next grade.How to stop cheating from happening so muchOne way to stop cheating in school is by giving everyone a different sheet of homework then who are they going to copy off of if they’re all different. So all you have to do is write up different questions for every student and then problem solved. And if your thinking I don’t have time for this then make time because you wouldn’t be looking for a solution to cheating if it wasn’t a problem and if it means enough to you then you would do as I said and give everyone a different sheet of questions for homework but on the same topic or lesson of the class. And once you do this the first year it will be very hard but afterward, you will have already made it impossible to cheat if you hand type the questions. Another way to stop cheating in school is to get the parents to make it very clear that if they cheat then they will get in trouble then the majority of cheating goes away.


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