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Last updated: February 25, 2019

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY -BY ROALD DAHL AUTHOR INTRODUCTION:”Roald dahl” wrote many books for children, and his well-known work was “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and he also published a few short stories for adults, but his first real success come with “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. His works are still popular among the children and adults. And it is a fun combination of adventure, sensibility and morality.

MAIN CHARACTER:Charlie bucketHis parentsGrandparentsMr.WonkaFour othersABOUT THE STORY:This story is about a sweet boy, Charlie Bucket, who leads a miserable life of poverty. The story described with such exquisite and eye catching detail that one can almost feel the constant pangs of hunger and desperation that the family goes through. Despite the depressing situation, the love between him and his family makes Charlie’s life bearable.

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When Mr.Wonka announced that he has hidden five golden ticket for five lucky childrenTo tour his factory, Charlie can hardly believe it and longs to be one of the five. By the time Charlie birthday arrives, he still holds onto the hope of finding a golden ticket, but his bar has only chocolate inside.

Charlie and his grandpa try again, but not found any ticket. By this time four of five tickets have been found. Charlie finds some money in the street, he buys a chocolate to satisfy his hunger. To his surprise, he finds the last golden ticket Along with Charlie, four other badly behaved children win the golden ticket to take the tour of Mr.Wonka’s factory, but one by one, they drop from the tour because of their bad behaviors.

At the end of the tour, Charlie is the only child left. Mr.wonka, who had been searching for a child like Charlie all along, congratulates him and invites him and his family to come and live at the Chocolate factory.


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