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Last updated: February 6, 2019


The characteristics described in this unit were consistent. African Americans have unique characteristics that eases their identification. This unique characteristics might not apply to all black Americans but the majority of their numbers own this characteristics. Most white Americans have the believe that Africans have common characteristics because of their culture hence discriminating against them in terms of employment and denying them opportunities that may help them develop.African Americans have general mistrust of the white American. According to (Kumanyika Suk, et al.

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Ethan Dis 2003) African Americans lost trust because the white Americans mistreated blacks and did not trust the blacks, they often discriminated against them. Whites denied blacks good job opportunities that were available. The best jobs were left for the whites, blacks worked hard for low wages or no pay, slavery was their portion. They were offered low payments and hence most would chose to rather stay unemployed than get low payments.Blacks were perceived to be poor by nature. Blacks did not have much wealth as the white Americans had. This is because the whites previously had subjected the blacks into slavery. Slavery was legal according to the law and the whites took advantage of this, they viewed blacks as a low class race and did not give them the respect they deserved.

According to (Kennedy B.M cultural characteristics of African Americans. 2011) Africans were enslaved and subjected to low payments.

Good jobs were meant for the whites and African Americans being an inferior race did not have any rights. (Walker 2006) Slavery was part of the American culture since it had been legalized. The whites ended up benefiting while the blacks remained on the losing end being poor and dependent on wealthy whites.African Americans were not appreciated as members of the American society. Their rights were not recognized. They were discriminated and the respect they deserved was not given to them. African Americans were seen as rogues. In case a black was noticed with an expensive possession, they would conclude that it was stolen.

Managerial jobs were preserved for the learned whites. Good schools were also preserved for the whites. The blacks were being undervalued and their contribution in the society went unnoticed. According to (Underwood SM, Review and critique of black American culture and employment rights. 2011) the opportunities that the blacks had could not sustain them and hence3e the living standards of blacks diminished occasionally.Improvisation and technology was seen to be a white thing. Most blacks were seen to be illiterate.

The difference in the socio-economic status between the blacks and whites in America emerged due to this factors and many more. African Americans were seen as backward in the technological advancements. (Miller 2010).

The blacks were given less manual jobs and the office and brain work was left for the elite whites. As a black I would not fall for such discrimination. Most blacks are being held back in advancement due to the ongoing discrimination by whites (John M.C. Whorter.

The journal. What’s holding blacks back? 2010) According to CNN live reporting 2017, Donald Trump the current president of United States of America was seen giving responses to the killings of black Americans by the police. This blacks were innocent but the police chose to kill them in cold blood due to mistrust. Protests have then been held but this has started to be a culture and the rogue perception on blacks have to stop.

This has been the major cause of the mistrust that blacks have on whites.Different socio-cultural characteristics of the blacks help us identify why they choose to be employed in different jobs. Their rights being a major factor contribution to their employment. More information comes from the culture of the blacks and the news reports from different journals. The most important information that am lacking is how the rights activists for blacks are trying to join the government and enforce laws that are not discriminating and the methods they will use as a minority to convince the white majority.


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