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CHAPTER SIX: DETAILS OF THE PROJECT6.0 WORKING OF THE PROJECT: To run a smart suitcase we first need to connect the built-in Bluetooth of the suitcase with the Bluetooth of our cellphone. The built-in GPS of the suitcase first receives the role of the suitcase and then takes the direction of the suitcase by using the use of compass module. The facts from GPS and compass module sends to Arduino by means of the use of Bluetooth module and Arduino technique this information and allows motors to actuate and follows our cell phone.The built-in weight scale of the suitcase is run by means of Wi-Fi signals. We first want to connect the built-in wifi of the smart suitcase with the Wi-Fi of our cell phone.

The load cellphone is a transducer by means of applying weight on the load telephone it transmits the analog pulses. HX-711 the load cell amplifier receives these analog pulses and converts it to digital pulses and sends this records to Arduino and its procedure this data and Arduino sends this information serially to the cellphone smartphone and weight interior the clever suitcase is shown on the cellphone cell phone screen.The weight scale is based on the “Load Cell”.

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2A load phone is a transducer that measures force and outputs this force as an electrical signal. Most load cells use a stress gauge to realize measurements, however hydraulic and pneumatic load cells are additionally available. Strain gauge load cells usually function 4 strain gauges in a Wheatstone bridge configuration, which is an electrical circuit that balances two legs of a bridge circuit.The pressure being measured deforms the pressure gauge in this kind of load cell, and the deformation is measured as the change in electrical signal. The load telephone transmits these electrical indicators to 3 ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) HX711 (Load Cell Amplifier). This Load Cell Amplifier is a small breakout board for the HX711 IC that permits you to easily study load cells to measure weight.

By connecting the amplifier to your microcontroller you will be able to read the modifications in the resistance of the load telephone and with some calibration, you may be in a position to get very correct weight measurements. After amplification, these indicators turn into Digital Signals and after processing Arduino Nano sends these Signals to Wi-Fi two Module and then after the Wi-Fi wirelessly transmits the fee weight to the Android Cell Phone the usage of BLYNK IOT (Internet Of Things) application.L298 Motor driver is used in the smart suitcase. The cause of Motor driver I to transport the suitcase from one area to another. 4 L298N Dual Motor Controller Module 2A and Arduino. This allows you to manage the velocity and path of two DC motors, or manipulate one bipolar stepper motor with ease. The L298N H-bridge module can be used with motors that have a voltage of between 5 and 35V DC. And Bluetooth is used for the serial wireless connection between smartphone and GPS.

5 The HC-06 is a class 2 slave Bluetooth module designed for obvious wi-fi serial communication. Once it is paired with a master Bluetooth machine such as PC, smartphones, and tablet, its operation will become obvious to the user. All data received thru the serial enter is immediate. The servo motor is related to wirelessly lock and unlocks the suitcase. MG90S Servo Motor is used for this purpose. The Wi-Fi is linked to get hold of the value of weight interior the clever suitcase.

It also offers Wi-Fi signals to the smartphone. ESP-8266 is used for this purpose. 6 The ESP8266 is a cheap Wi-Fi microchip with full TCP/IP stack and microcontroller functionality produced by using Shanghai-based Chinese manufacturer Espressif Systems. The chip first came to the interest of western makers in August 2014 with the ESP-01 module, made with the aid of a third-party producer Ai-Thinker. 7 The ESP8266 module, that is low value and branded as ultra-low-power, but whose performance for IoT functions is nonetheless undocumented. We explore the built-in sleep modes and we measure the have an effect on of infrastructure parameters beacon interval and DTIM period on energy consumption, as nicely as packet transport ratio and obtained sign energy as a feature of distance and module antenna orientation to assert vicinity coverage. The ESP8266 module showed suitability for battery-powered IoT purposes that enable 2–4 days recharge cycles on a 1000mAh battery with seconds-scale transmission intervals.

BLYNK IOT (Internet Of Things) software is used to manage all the features of Smart Suitcase. As a central controller, 8 we used an Arduino microcontroller that communicates with an Android application, our person interface. Events can be programmed to be brought about below specific conditions, and this can have a awesome function in decreasing the total power ate up by means of some appliances. On the different hand, the gadget can advise smart task scheduling. The scheduling algorithm we existing is a heuristic for the Resource-constrained-scheduling trouble (RCPSP) with hybrid goal feature merging each resource-leveling and weighted completion time considerations. To run a smart suitcase we first want to join the built-in Bluetooth of the suitcase with the Bluetooth of our cellphone. 9 two Bluetooth Low Energy peripheral devices had been most prevalent amongst consumers, as properly as which offerings these units provided and utilized in practice. Additionally, we sought to look at the real-world usage of preferred Bluetooth services versus custom protocols amongst developers.

The built-in GPS of the suitcase first receives the function of the suitcase and then takes the path of the suitcase with the aid of the usage of compass module. The data from GPS and compass module sends to Arduino by the usage of Bluetooth module and Arduino manner this information and permits motors to actuate and follows our cellular phone.In a Suitcase, we additionally furnished 2Mbps Wi-Fi facility so the consumer stays linked to the web throughout the journey. And it additionally helps to stumble on the function in the google maps. The key factors of the project are as follows; (1) Use of high torque DC motors. To furnish most load capacity.

(2) Use of a powerful battery that can easily do away with from the suitcase. (3) Accurate GPS that can provide the real-time region of the suitcase. (4) Easy to use. And user-friendly. (5) Lightweight.All the points of the clever suitcase are operated with the aid of a smartphone application. We used BLYNK on-line IOT (Internet Of Things) app for developing smartphone application. The purpose of selecting BLYN is that it is very convenient to use and well suited with our hardware.

Although we additionally tried MIT app inventor it is very tough and requires very tons time. But in BLYNK we can make functions inside a few minutes.?6.1CIRCUIT DIAGRAM OF THE PROJECT:6.

2 BLOCK DIAGRAM OF THE PROJECT: 3067050351472500379095033337500046005753438525Motor 200Motor 213430253333750003343275685800003790950267652500134302525050750046005751562100Servo Motor00Servo Motor46005752381250GPS00GPS2667003438525Motor 100Motor 12667002038350Compass Module00Compass Module21240752676525Arduino00Arduino2943225211455000294322594297500center1600200Bluetooth Module00Bluetooth ModuleCell phoneCell phone Open/ Close Direction Position266700040640Battery 00Battery Power SourceBLOCK DIAGRAM 1BLOCK DIAGRAM 23000375598170 Load CellLoad CellForce Sensor240030075565HX 71100HX 711 Load Cell Amplifier2162175638175Arduino00Arduino25717504248150Cell Phone00Cell Phone409575762000Battery00Battery297180014763750011334751009650002990850831852971800220535529622751109980center1470660WiFi00WiFi2562225443230ESP 826600ESP 82666.2.1 EXPLANATION OF BLOCK DIAGRAMThe cell cellphone is wirelessly related with Arduino by Bluetooth module and we can manipulate our clever suitcase and servo motor via smartphone. Compass module, Bluetooth Module GPS module is linked with Arduino.

GPS module is used to provide the function of the suitcase and compass module gives route to the suitcase. And servo motor is also controlled by mobile phone. It is used to open and shut the suitcase wirelessly.The built-in weight scale of the suitcase is run by means of wifi signals. We first need to connect the built-in wifi of the smart suitcase with the wifi of our cellular phone.

The load phone is a transducer by applying weight on the load mobilephone it transmits the analog pulses. HX 711 the load cellphone amplifier receives these analog pulses and converts it to digital pulses and sends this data to Arduino and its procedure this data and Arduino sends this statistics serially to the phone cellphone and weight inner the smart suitcase is proven on the telephone cellphone screen.6.3FLOW DIAGRAM OF THE PROJECT:FLOW DIAGRAM 1220980047625Start00Start22098001076325Cell Phone00Cell Phone22098002019300Bluetooth Connection00Bluetooth Connection22098003143250GPS Connection00GPS Connection22098004210050Compass Module00Compass Module22098005334000Follow 00Follow 22098006638925END00END27336756762750027336751543050002733675267652500273367538004750027336754867275002733675599122500147637523812500014763751314450001476375131445000327660057245250041814751314450003276600131445000FLOW DIAGRAM 22209800-304800Start00Start2238375619125Weight00Weight23717251562100ADC00ADC22098002333625Controller00Controller22383753371850WiFi Module00WiFi Module22383754324350WiFi00WiFi274320010858500027432002990850002743200323850002743200199072500274320040290750027432004981575003305175866775004200525866775003457575534606519812005107940Displays weight on the cell phone00Displays weight on the cell phone22098006030595END00END2714625576389500


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