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Last updated: September 9, 2019

Chapter one was divided into nine main parts: (1) Introduction (2) The Background of Study, (3) Theoretical Framework, (4) Conceptual Framework, (5) Statement of the Problem, (6) Hypothesis, (7) Research Paradigm, (8) Scope and Delimitation, (9) Significance of the Study, (10) Definition of Terms.

The first segment, Introduction, shows general to specific information and the study’s main purpose. Segment 2, The Background of the Study, contains the reasons and explanations why the study has been regulated and conducted. Segment 3, State of the Problem, depicts the problems of the study. Segment 4, Theoretical Framework, contains theories related to the study. Segment 5, Conceptual Framework, depicts the input, process and the output of the chosen topic. Segment 6 Hypothesis, contains proposed limited evidence of the research. Segment 7 Research Paradigm, explains the content of the conceptual framework. Segment 8, Scope and Delimitation, itemize the different beneficiaries.

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Segment 9, Significance of the Study, provides brief description about to whom the study will be significant or beneficial it also gives more knowledge about segment 8 or the scope and delimitation of our study. Segment 10, Definition of Terms, defines unfamiliar word contents and frequent word usage. Technology is the branch of knowledge that deals with the creation and use of technical means and their relation with the life, society, country, and even to our environment. Technology also refers to the use of tools, gadgets, machinery, and resources that help us control and adapt our environment. It has importance in our life it helps us to live comfortable and easy because of the invention of technology. Technology has affected our day-to-day life.

The internet is one of the finest products of man’s advancement in technology. People have greater access to information via the internet. However, overuse of technology, especially through gadgets such as smart phones, laptops, personal computers etc. presents a whole range of problem which may interfere with a student’s ability to learn and attend to lessons. Nowadays students are obsessed with latest gadgets and technologies.

Students often involve gadgets in their day-to-day lives including their studies. Most of students across the globe use internet for completing their projects, homework and other school related works. This research will guide you to fully understand about what are the influences of technology in learning. Technology has giving benefits tangible and intangible that will help in learning of students.


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