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CHAPTER IINTRODUCTIONBackground of the StudyAn individual can shop everything that is needed using online shopping. Different categories of specific product can be found with just one click and helps you compare products from its prices up to its specific quality. Online shops compare each prices of a certain product. It also shares us knowledge with other online shoppers who have past experiences in online buying. (Morah, 2018) Business owners and customers’ benefits greatly in having an online shop because it is more convenient to shop online and online sales are cheaper.

However, when it comes to internet matters, there are advantages and disadvantages specifically with shopping online. For more analysis, it shows that online buyers using internet is having more time per week and more interested buying online in the near future than non- buyers. (Goldsmith R.E and Goldsmith E.B, nd) In the fast improvement of online shops, many customers are affected in online shopping as a new trend. In order to complete the customers’ satisfaction, the online shopping stores have expanded many online purchasing systems which the user can log in and enjoy online purchasing and online payment service. According to the details given of the user, strictly speaking a well- developed information platform’s security is safe enough to ensure customers’ accounts information for accepting the real challenge of the online shopping payment platform. (Mahmud, Kabir, Salem, & Ferdinand, nd) Online shopping behavior refers to the action of purchasing products or services via the internet.

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(Li, & Zhang, 2002) Online shopping is the procedure buyers go through to buy products or services over the internet. Online buying is a type of electronic trading used for business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions. Teenagers has more interest to go shopping through online, because they have more time to sit in front of their computers and surf the internet. Customers make purchases in order to satisfy their needs.

(Ryerson, 2006) Consumers in one country have possibilities to be more agreeable in buying products on a device than those in another. (Zegras, 2015) The sudden improvement of online shopping has imposed an intense effect on the business world. To evaluate and foresee those massive impacts of online shopping, it is significant to further upgrade our knowledge of buyers’ online shopping behavior.

By the coming of competitive business environment, online shopping becomes profit-oriented for enlargement of the market space of any organization. (Hamza, ; Saidalavi, 2014) In the real world, shopping is mainly based on face-to-face activities between buyers and service personnnels, intercourse in electronic business take place mainly through the retailer’s Web site. (Kim, & Park, 2003) Significance of the StudyThe significance of this study is to share the advantages, disadvantages and the purpose of online shopping. To determine how it started, and how people figure it out how convenient life with the use of online shopping instead of mall shopping. To know what is the reason of online shoppers why they are buying online, and to understand why it is hassle free, because of online shopping instead of going to the mall or some other places to buy something we will just sit and face our laptops/cellphones and we’ll search online shops that has cheaper prices because in mall shopping we will get tired of looking some things that are cheap. It helps us to find easily the brands that we want in a particular thing.

Online shopping gives us the opportunity to buy 24/7 and not to waste time going to the mall because of traffic. And it helps people that has no time to buy stuffs because of their works. Statement of the ProblemsWhy does online shoppers continue to shop online despite knowing the disadvantages and harm it can cause?How do they know and determine the different advantages and disadvantages of online shopping?How do they know if the seller is reliable? Review of Related LiteraturesAs online shopping has grown, same as the number of people who make money selling products online. Online sellers can sell just about anything.

Creating an online business can be as simple as having something to sell and access on the Internet. One of the easiest ways to start selling online is to set up an account with an established shopping website, which brings in customers and provides guidance on how to sell online, usually at some cost to the seller. (You’re a what? Online Seller, 2013) A separate and distinct interaction with both the actual online seller and with its IT website interface is at the heart of online shopping. Previous research has established, accordingly, that online purchase intentions are the product of both consumer assessments of the IT itself- specifically its perceived usefulness and ease-of-use and trust in the e-vendor. (Gefen, Karahanna, & Straub, 2003) STATUS OF ONLINE SHOPPING IN PERSENT BUSINESS ENVIOURNMENTOnline buying behavior is affected by various factors like, economic factors, demographic factors, technical factors, social factors, cultural factors, psychological factors, marketing factors and legislative factors.

Customers choose an online-shop mainly based on references, clarity terms of delivery, graphic design and additional services. Problematical customers read discussions on the Internet before they spend their money on-line and when customers are incapable to purchase the product fast and with no trouble they leave online-shop. Consumer’s buying method as learning, information-processing and decision-making activity divided in several consequent steps: Problem identification, Information search, Alternatives evaluation, Purchasing decision, Post-purchase behavior. Efthymios, identified the main constituent of the online shopping experience as follows: the functionality of the Web site that includes the elements trade with the site’s usability. the emotional elements planned for lowering the customer’s hesitation by communicating trust and credibility of the online seller and Web site and the content elements including the aesthetic aspects of the online presentation and the marketing mix. (Kotler, 2003) The relationship between consumer characteristics and attitude toward online shoppingThe perspective of Internet users toward online shopping was measured using the Fishbein model.

The relative factors influencing user attitudes toward online shopping and the relationship between the attitude and the influence factors were explored. The results show that the Fishbein model can effectively measure consumer attitudes and the examined consumer characteristics were important influence factors on consumer attitudes and online shopping decisions. (Wu, 2003) Consumer online shopping attitudes and behaviorThe current status of studies of online shopping attitudes and behavior is investigated through an analysis of 35 empirical articles found in nine primary Information Systems (IS) journals and three major IS conference proceedings. A taxonomy is developed based on our analysis.

A conceptual model of online shopping is presented and discussed in light of existing empirical studies. Areas for further research are discussed. (Li ; Zhang, 2002)Consumer Perceptions of Privacy and Security Risks for Online ShoppingGovernment and industry organizations have declared information privacy and security to be major obstacles in the development of consumer?related e?commerce. Risk perceptions regarding Internet privacy and security have been identified as issues for both new and experienced users of Internet technology.

This paper explores risk perceptions among consumers of varying levels of Internet experience and how these perceptions relate to online shopping activity. Findings provide evidence of hypothesized relationships among consumers’ levels of Internet experience, the use of alternate remote purchasing methods (such as telephone and mail?order shopping), the perceived risks of online shopping, and online purchasing activity. Implications for online commerce and consumer welfare are discussed.

(Fernandez & Miyazaki, 2005)


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