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Last updated: May 24, 2019

CHAPTER 3RESEARCH METHODOLOGYThis chapter presents research design, subjects of the study, sampling technique, research instruments, and procedure of data gathering in accordance to generate this research. Research DesignThe research design that will be used is descriptive research and a qualitative research. The research will have descriptive form of research because the research will find the answer for the best strategies for academic excellence and the research concerns with the holistic view of the respondents. Having descriptive research is an advantage for this research because it allows the research questions to be answered in an accurate manner. The research also used qualitative type of research because the researchers want to know the best strategies of grade 12 STEM students of San Beda College Manila and find the qualities for these strategies. Also, this research is a qualitative type of research because it is exploratory research. For this research, it is important that the researcher will use a qualitative in research because it is a solution-seeking also this study aims for the best strategies for academic excellences with the perspective of Grade 12 STEM students of San Beda College. Subjects of the StudyThe researchers will conduct an interview regarding the best strategies that grade 12 STEM students used in their academic purposes.

In this research, top 10 STEM strand in grade 12 is included. Wherein each section, the top 10 students are to be the respondents in the interview. Sampling Technique This research paper intends to know the best strategies of the grade 12 STEM students of San Beda College of the academic year of 2017 – 2018 to excel in their academic performances. As for the samplings, the researchers considered them as a purposive sampling, where the respondents met the specific objectives under study and require a particular sample which may not cover the entire population. The researchers used purposive sampling technique because they interview only those who are grade 12 STEM students of San Beda College – Mendiola that are in top 10 consistently and not the entire population of senior high school students because they did not meet their specific requirements to be one of their respondents in their research. Research InstrumentsUpon the researchers’ qualitative research, they interviewed the top 10 of grade 12 STEM students San Beda University, because the respondents each have their own ability in maintaining their academic status.

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Thus, having these remarks means they have their own way or style of improving or exceling efficiently in their academics. The instrument we used upon gathering data is by interviewing, which is the typical used instrument in a qualitative research. Procedure of Data GatheringThrough the use of interviews and the of the grade 12 senior high school students of San Beda University, specifically those who are from the academic strand of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in different strategies to excel on their academic performances, procedures of data gathering includes: collection of data, coding of data, validation of code, unifying of information, and lastly, the finalization. The researchers prioritize the top ten of grade 12 STEM students to attain answers that would correspond to the question. Secondly, the researchers are to conduct interviews to the top ten of grade 12 STEM students to answer the questions in the interviews are to include the perception of the interviews to the different strategies to excel on their academic performances. The researcher will also use semi structured interview wherein this study need a high response from the interviewee these are flexible kind of interviews which the researcher the interviewer ask important questions about how and why do they achieve their academic excellence according to the said strategies and techniques.


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