Chapter 21
New Beginings
The next day Myrah went to office with a heavy heart. She reached the desk and saw Devika indulged deeply in her phone.

“What’s up with you?” she asked Devika.

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“Nothing much”

“You seem to be damn busy in something?”

“Arey there is this new page on instagram that is getting quiet popular”

“What is it about?”

“It’s about quotes. Trust me they are heart touching”


“You should read them. Trust me you will feel better” she replies while handing over the phone.

Myrah took the phone and was studying the quotes and found them to be familiar. She was engrossed, absorbed and almost in a trance. In a way, she was transported to another reality. Soon she realized that these are the quotes were that she wrote for Kabir.

“What happened?” Devika asked.

“These are my words”

“Oh great man! You are a celeb on social media now”

“Not kidding Devika. These are actually written by me”

“When did you start posting them?”

“These are not posted by me”



“Then who did this?”

“I don’t know”

“And you know this page is gaining popularity with every passing hour”

She picks up her phone and dials a number.


“Yeah tell me”

“Rajat there is a page which has all my musings and quotes. Do you have any idea about it?”

“Nice you got to know” he replied with a smile.

“What do you mean?”

“Meet me after office will tell you everything”

“But still atleast tell me what is going on?” she asked in an irriated tone.

“Relax will tell you everything after office”


She disconnected the call and went back to her system.

“What happened?” Devika enquired.

“Rajat said he will speak about this after office”

“Ok but telling you if it’s really you then let me tell you that you are gonna be a celebrity soon”

“I don’t know”

“But trust me I never knew that you write so beautiful”

Devika smiled and then got back to work. Myrah left office and met Rajat in a nearby coffee shop. They both hugged and settled for food.
Myrah seemed to be very impatient and stressed.

“Rajat I really have no idea that who has done this?”


“This facebook page of quotes?”

“I have created that page” he replied while have a sip of his drink.

“Why would you do that?”

“To give you a reason to move on”


“The world likes what you write and I think now you should take it seriously as well”

“But I write just to make myself feel better”

“I agree Myrah. But sharing it with the world would make other also make them feel a little better too”

She was staring at him blankly.

“The only thing that you need to do now is to take it a little seriously”

“I don’t know Rajat”

“You start walking atleast. I am always at your back to support you. And I have already made you the admin of page”


“Before coming here” he said with a wink.

They both finished their dinner and then he dropped her back home.

She was lying in her room and thinking about the conversation that she had with Rajat. For once she thought that giving a try to what he said was not a bad idea. Immediately she jumped out of her bed, picked up her laptop and started writing on the page. This time it was not a quote instead it was complete long paragraph that she wrote about Kabir.

The next morning when she woke and checked the page, there were people liking and sharing her post. There was a long trail of comments where people were appreciating the feel and depth of her words. This new found surprise gave a zing of positivity which ran across her senses. She immediately took the screenshot of the post and shared it with Rajat with a message.

Rajat: Told you!
Myah: It’s all new for me. I don’t know how to react.
Rajat: You really don’t need to think just keep writing.
Myrah: Thank you Rajat
Rajat: For?
Myrah: For just being there and for being you
Rajat: Myrah I know what you are going through and trust me
give life a chance again.
Myrah: Not sure
Rajat: You will very soon I am sure
Myrah: Hope so
Rajat: See you in the evening. Tc!

Myrah was feeling a little relieved after the chat. She was happy in some part of her head that people liked her writing. This was the perfect boost that was needed to give a chance to her passion for writing and take it seriously.

She went to office and told Devika about everything who was more than happy to hear it all. Devika suggested her to be consistent in writing now.

With every passing day and each uploading post Myrah was gaining popularity amongst the youngsters and youth. Her main readers were the people who were gave importance to love and emotions. Her words were the ones that people were unable to say but when they read it they could feel that this is what exactly they felt. Her page was becoming a rage and deep inside she was enjoying this.

Rajat was helping in the best possible and motivating her to write more and more. She was all over the internet now and various digital marketing companies were collaborating with her for promotions.

Soon she started writing for a column in a leading daily newspaper. She was now becoming a brand name in the writing industry.

One day while she was sitting in her room and writing a post for her page. She saw that there was message waiting for her in the inbox. After reading it she realized it was from an Opus publication that showed interest in printing a collection of her poems and paras. She immediately picked her phone and dialled to Rajat.

“I am in a meeting Myrah” he replied without even listening.

“Cool. Come home I will be waiting for you” she said and disconnected.

In the late evening, Rajat dropped in at Myrah’s place with a bottle of wine.

“Why this?” she asked astonishingly.

“You read the message in inbox?”

“Yes I did”

“So this is for that only”

“But Rajat I don’t know how to write a book”

“You don’t have to write anything. They are just going to compile all your previous poems. That’s it!”


“Why are you so nervous?”

“I have never done this before”

“It’s something that you deserve and this has been always your true calling. Right?”

“Yes but I never thought that my passion would take such grand form”

“This is just the beginning” he said while placing his hand on her shoulder.

She sighed.

“Now let’s have dinner”

“But I haven’t cooked anything but”

“Don’t worry I have already ordered chinese food. It might be here anytime”

Suddenly the doorbell rang and it was the delivery boy. They both settled to have dinner.

“Rajat I miss him” she said in a slow tone while eating a bite.

“I know and this is the reason why I want you to do this”

She looked at him in amazement.

“The more you will do it the more it will heal you”

“Thank you Rajat”

“Now don’t stay thank you tomorrow lets go to meet the publishers”

They both had dinner followed by a conversation over a glass of red wine. Rajat stayed back to accompany her for the meeting with publishers the next morning.

Chapter 22

Dream big!!!!

Early morning mist begins to clear, dew laden grass and cobwebs, sun rises casting orange and pink onto a thin layer of cloud, birds sing, dawn chorus, animals stir.

She knew it’s early when there is no light striggling to get past the grime on her window. She can hear the drum of rain on window panel and she brings her hand down in a semi- drunked stupor onto her alarm clock. Not that she had been drinking, chance would be a fine thing, but at this time of the day her neurons were not firing too well; so was pretty much having the same effect as half a bottle of whiskey. She could hear some sound in the kitchen and realized that Rajat was already up since long. She dragged herself to kitchen.

“Good morning” said Rajat with a wide smile on his face while making breakfast.

“Why do you look so happy?” she replied with a yawn while rubbing her eyes with the inside of her palms. He eyes were dry and were still filled with sleep.

“It your big day today”

“I don’t know”

“This is your favourite reply” he said in an irritated tone.

“I am too nervous”

“That’s the reason why I am going with you. And don’t worry its going to be perfect”

“Ya. Fingers crossed”

“So now lets have breakfast and leave”

They both had breakfast and quickly left. They had to go to Churchgate for the meeting which was almost half an hour away. In the cab, Myrah was just staring out of the window. They reached the building and took a walk till 4th floor reception where the office was located.

They were to meet Radhika, the senior editor of Opus Publications. This was one of the best publishing house in the country which always showed interest in being a platform to new talented writers. They were asked to wait in the lounge for her.

They were offered water which she accepted and took tiny sips while waiting on the couch.

The receptionist signalled her to go in Radhika’s cabin. Stepping in the cabin was making her breathing rapid and shallow. Rajat could feel that so he held her hand just to squeeze it and make her understand that he was there with her. She could feel her nerves pounding in her body. Her legs were shaking and she was afraid that she will trip.

Radhika was a smart lady in her late 30’s. She was the heiress of Opus after her father’s death. It was due to her vision and dedication that the publications was standing where it is today. She had sharp and well defined features with an amazing figure like hourglass. She seemed to be witty and had a radiating aura.

“You must be Myrah” she said with a smile while pulling her hand out to shake with Myrah’s.

Myrah and Rajat smiled back to her and parked themselves on the chair placed right in front of her long glass table. She got a call, signed them to excuse her for a moment and walked near to the huge glass window of her cabin.

Both of them were busy studying her cabin which had the best of wallpapers and paintings from round the world, the table was arranged in a systematic manner. It had the frame with photos of her husband and daughter who seemed to be around 3 years in age.

She came back and sat on her seat.

“So Myrah, how do you feel being an internet sensation?” she asked with a smile.

“I feel good and it’s no less than a surprise for me”

“Why so?”

“Because I use to write just because I felt like then it was Rajat who made all of this” she said while pointing towards Rajat. He smiled on his addressal.

“Oh that’s nice”

“Yes whatever it is today its all because of him only”

Rajat was smiling all this while and listening to the conversation.

“I really wanted to know that what made you think that I write good and my work needs to get published” Myrah asked in curiosity.

“Myrah I honestly feel that whatever you write is directly from heart and one can feel the pain and happiness of your words”

Myrah and Rajat were listening to Radhika carefully and smiling.

“You are a weaver of words. You take the thread of words and weaves them into a pattern that could fill another person’s mind with beauty and the choice of words maybe patterned to create a wide array of responses and emotions”

“Wow that was so well put” Myrah said in awe.

“That’s the experience summed up of this industry” Radhika replied wih smile.

“So how is this to be done as we have no idea about this at all?” Rajat said in an enquiring tone.

“You don’t have to worry. We have already complied best 30 poems of yours. You just have to give a go ahead and then it is ready for publishing”

“Ok. And what is going to be our benefit in this?” Rajat asked.

“You will be signing a contract with us where we will give you the fee and royalty on the sales”

Rajat and Myrah both seemed to be satisfied with Radhika and happily agreed to go ahead with the process of pubishing.

“What do I have to do now?”

Radhika hands over a spiral binded copy which is a compilation of her poems.

“All you have to do is edit it once and then submit it to us. We can then take it ahead from there”

“Alright” Myrah replied while receiving the copy.

“Cool then let me know if you need any more help”


“You have the talent and we are just giving you the platform”

“Thank you”

Myrah and Rajat left her cabin and went out.They both left for their offices and decided that they would sit and discuss about all of this in the night during dinner. She had already edited the book and given the go ahead for the publishing.

Tomorrow was her book release. Something which has made her insomanic since the last two week. She was sitting on the sofa and remembering all the times of her first meeting with Kabir.

Suddenly her doorbell rang. It was Rajat with food and champagne.

“Why this?” she asked in a surprised tone.

“It’s to celebrate the success of your first book”

“It’s not out yet”

“Yes, but I already know that it’s going to be super success”

“I don’t know”

“Again” he replied in an irritated tone.

They both had dinner and then Rajat went back to his place. Myrah’s book got published and soon it got sold out also in all the major bookstores. The second lot of it went for printing and that too was also getting sold out soon. She was now a new sensation in the writing industry. The internet was talking out her and people wanted to know the inspiration behind all the heart and soul touching poems.

Tomorrow was her book reading session in one of the Literature café of the city. She was excited for the same. She was sitting and waiting for Rajat, suddenly he came from behind.

“Nervous?” he asked her.

“Not really. It’s just”


She was quiet but her eyes spoke everything.

“Missing Kabir”

She nodded a yes.

“Why don’t you call him up and tell your feelings?”

“The feelings that I have for him can’t end until my body ceases to function and my soul is released for whatever comes after.”

“Then what is the problem?”

“I really don’t want to be a hurdle in his life and you know Rajat I believe”

“that loving a person does not means to be with that person” he completed her sentence.

They both shared a smile and finished their dinner. Soon Rajat left for the night and Myrah went to drop him till down the building. They both hugged each other and bid a good bye.

She decided to take a walk and then go back upstairs. She walked as her hair fluttered in the air, her clothes clung to her body, arms tightly wrapped around her. She felt the cold wind stroking her skin. As a few teardrops appeared from the corner of her eyes, the women continued walking, not stopping for anything.


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