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Chapter 2AutomationOffice Building power home explain def of home automationsmart home networksmart home controllersmart home devicesapplication of smart devicesHome automation system history of home automation home automation systems today Home automation systems entire elements of home automation systemsAutomation Automation is the conversion of a work process, a procedure, or equipment to automatic rather than human operation or control. Automation does not simply transfer human functions to machines, but involves a deep reorganization of the work process, during which both the human and the machine functions are redefined. Early automation relied on mechanical and electromechanical control devices; during the last 40 years, however, the computer gradually became the leading vehicle of automation. Modern automation is usually associated with computerization.Plays an important role in the international economy and everyday experience.

Engineers are working to create complex systems for rapid development programs and human activities by integrating math and drafting tools and automated devices. Most of the roles for human beings in industrial processes are outside the automation field. The ability to identify human level patterns, language recognition, and language production is better than modern machine and computer system functions. Jobs need high-level tasks and strategic planning, such as complex sensor data, such as synthesis and sound, and now require human skills.Except for the production of automated high-end industries, it has had a broad impact. Once the telephone splitter has been placed most of the time by an automated telephone switchboard and answering machine. Ultrorrothagraph Preliminary screening or analysis of human genes Radio and medical procedures such as laboratories, blood vessels, cells and nerves are performed quickly and automatically in the system. Automatic technologyAutomation OfficeAn automation office refers to other computer devices and software used to digitally build, store, and store information that is relevant to the source information and the information needed to achieve the goal.

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A collection of fast data, electricity transmission and electrical commercial management, including the basic functions of office automation system, office automation will help improve or automate existing office procedures.Building automationAutomation Building automation refers to activities that provide building control. A control system is a compressed network tool designed to monitor and control building mechanisms and lighting systems.

A typical control system is a model of a building system. Building Automation System (BAS) The main function of the building system is to provide an accurate view of the performance of the employee, special functions to monitor the system performance and failure of the vehicle, and to provide electronic staff personnel or text recognition. The BAS function reduces energy and maintenance costs compared to uncontrolled buildings.Automatic powerPower automation is the control and control of power systems, substations and transporters, and efficiency, efficiency and error detection.

There may be a legitimate municipal or state power system, often relay stations and hard-end transmitters and electrical sub-devices. You can monitor a variety of electrical devices, retrieve health and health information, and even perform illegal acts and corrections without human intervention.An example of an automated power system is monitored and monitored in a SCADA system.

Home automationThe smart home is to integrate technology and services together through the home network for good quality. It enables different technologies to manage home parts for controlling and controlling other parts and to effectively communicate with them that home homes and activities without user interruptions or controlling the use of remote controls are automatically automationd. Works more, more flexibility, more efficient, secure and low cost. In some cases, integration of home services as they can communicate with each other through the home controller, and thus provide a button to control different home systems according to the suggested ornaments or functional tasks.

It.Smart homes may improve home comfort, comfort, security and energy management. Additionally, it can be used for large people and disabled, to provide safe and secure environment.Smart home network technology can split into two key types, which have a wireless system and wireless system. 3 In the Virtual System – there are many types of wires that people can install on the wall. Most domestic automation devices are connected to vetting systems such as new wire (bitterned, optical fiber), power lines, buses, and so on. The typical technology is the X10 number that has net quality for home automation. X10 Transfer binary data using module (AM) technique and X10 controls bring alerts about AC wires for incoming modes.

In the BMS system, there should be two important elements that are the sender and the recipient. Many new items use wireless technology for connections with other devices. Wireless connection systems are microphone, Infrastructure (IR), Radio Frequency (RF), WiFi, Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11, and so on. Also, some standard home-based networks can work using a wiring system and a wireless system.

One of the examples of wireless communication systems for the smart home is Z-wave, which is a reliable and affordable Bass home automation solutionSmart home controllerSmart home control devices are used to manage systems through data processing or systems for controlling controllers. Controller examples not only control radios, but they are also smartphones, gadgets, web browsersSmart devicesSmart devices can be used in most partsBenefits – Health Monitoring, Personal Trainer, Demo-Demo• Functions – Televisions, Videos, Games, Smart Home TVs, Multiple Rooms, HD Video ClipsEnvironment – control control, temperature and air control control. Energy usage and cost.

Security – Smart security, equipped occupation, property monitoring and maintenance, fire extinguishers, gas leaks and water leaks, phones.• Relations – video calls, home-based, notes and home-based contacts.Green – Reduction of power (with invasion of occupation) 7 and cost of fuel consumption.

Low carbon output. APPLICATIONS OF SMART HOME SYSTEMSA. SecuritySecurity systems such as canaries adapt the house to overtime and send intelligent notifications directly to your smartphone with HD video.B. Energy managementOne of the key benefits Smart Home offers to consumers is the ability to integrate energy management functions through lighting, air conditioning and consumer electronics.

C. LightingThe light on the smart home can be turned on and off automatically based on the occupancy sensor. For example, if a person enters a room during the day, the system will open the drape instead of turning on the lights, but at night, it will make sure the lights are on and turn off when no one is in the room.D.

Air conditionerBy properly positioning the temperature sensors and using the heating and cooling timers, you can save money by reducing the energy used and turn off the air conditioner when no one is in the house.E. Home AppliancesSmart Home can help improve energy management by tracking energy usage across all devices in the house. The Smart House controller can be used to make the best use of the highest electricity rates by operating appliances with high power consumption (eg dishwashers and electric water heaters).Home automation historyThe first smart home was an idea, not an actual structure. For decades, science fiction has studied ideas for home automation. Many writers, such as Ray Bradbury, imagined the future of home interaction and seemingly escaped on their own. In the deep short story of Bradbury’s book, “The human reins will come,” he describes an automationd house that continues to function even after man’s death.

Until we consider the real benefits of home automation, it’s all scary and scary. Then the idea is more comforting than cooling.The idea of ??home automation has been around for some time, but the actual Smart House has existed for a while.

This timeline focuses on hardware. It means a real invention that we know today and lead to a smart house that we can expect in the near future.1901 – 1920 – The invention of consumer electronics – Consumer electronics is not considered “smart”, but it was an amazing achievement in the early 20th century. This achievement began with the first engine-driven vacuum cleaner in 1901. In 1907, more practical electric-powered vacuum was developed. Refrigerators, clothes dryers, washing machines, irons and toasters were invented for more than 20 years.

It was a fantastic time for someone who was hired as a maid by a very affluent housekeeper.1966 – 1967 – ECHO IV and Kitchen Computers – Never been commercially sold, ECHO IV was the first smart device. This clever device can calculate shopping lists, control the temperature of the house, and turn the device on and off. Kitchen computers that were developed a year later can store recipes, but did not sell the model because there was an unfortunate saying, “If you can cook only Honeywell computers, you can not cook.”1991 – Gerontechnology – Gerontechnology makes geriatric life easier by combining geriatric and technology. In the 1990s there were a lot of new research and skills in this area. Remember, “I am out and I can not get up?” Life Alert is an example of gerontechnology.

1998 – Early 2000s – Smart Home – Smart home or home automation began to gain popularity in the early 2000s. This is where other technologies are beginning to emerge. The smart home has suddenly become a cheaper option and has become a useful technology for consumers. Domestic technology, home networking and other devices have begun to appear on store shelves.

Today’s Smart Home – Today’s smart home is about security and life-style. Our clever assumptions are sustainable, helping our homes not consume unnecessary energy. They also help us to inform the intruder (whether we are at home or not).Current trends in home automation include remote mobile control, automatic lighting, thermostats, scheduling appliances, mobile / email / text alerts, and remote video surveillance.”Connectivity and interaction drive the way families manage and manage their homes, so this new smart system, which is expected to stay in more places due to business trips, school schedule and social activities for their children, High-tech connections, and when a house is full, high-level automation allows for more convenience, control and safety in any part of your property. All of this alleviates all worries and adds to the enjoyment of life.

We are all welcome, “writes ADT Technology. ADT technology says housing security costs are lower than other competitors.The Future of Home Automation – the future smart home will be somewhat similar to that seen in the animation series “The Jetsons”. Digital cutting boards (digital everything, in fact), molecular cooking devices, and much more.ENTIRE ELEMENTS OF HOME AUTOMATIONBefore moving your home to home automation keep these things in mind .Cables and Structural WiringConnector, router, modem, Battery, Structural panel, Wire and Cable Management ToolsSecurity cameras and surveillance cameras Camera, Monitoring screen, Video monitoring, Footage recorderAPPLIANCES CONTROL Dimmer, wall switch, keypad and touch screen, Portable remote control, Lighting fixtures, Plug-in / screw-in module or wire in / out module, Bridges and convertersAccess control and securityEntrance, Garage door control, Electric Gate and Door Control, Remote monitoring and controlSolar and Energy ManagementAutomatic electrical switching control, Power monitoring and equipment efficiency, Remote control window and cover, Solar panel, Heat pumpHome theaterHome Theater Accessories, display, Projector, Presenter, Volume control and speaker switching, Multiple background musicThermostat and HVAC controlAir Purifier, Humidity sensing and control, Temperature sensors and controls, Ventilation of the system


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