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CHAPTER 1THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUNDBackground of the StudyNowadays, Filipinos are influenced by the growing popularity of Korean pop music.

Before, Filipinos were only drawn to Korean Dramas but now we can notice that Filipinos are slowly embracing Korean pop music. Since then Korean music videos has become a staple in the programming of MYX Music channel. It has entered MYX Music charts and stayed for weeks. K-pop created a fandom especially among the Senior High student fans. It has been one of their entertainments. We observe that most of the Senior High students are influenced by Korean pop music that’s why we want to know the effects of K-pop to the Senior High students’ attitude.K-pop fever is everywhere and it has been a breakthrough trough out in our country. Also it has garnered international support like in America.

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Currently, teenagers are widely watching Korean music videos. As a matter of fact, these media factors led the students to imitate Korean language and the pursuance of being able to look like their favorite Korean idols. On other hand, we find that the sudden increase of Korean cultural popularity has been called “Hallyu” it means Korean wave and refers to the way Korean entertainment is spreading around the world.

Escobia (2013) a student of Mindanao State University, states that Kpop have drawn the attention of the young Filipinos in his study the “Korea’s Philippine Invasion.” He also states that despite the barriers language between the Filipinos and Koreans, Filipino youths are still influenced by Kpop. Filipinos have been so hook to the Kpop music and become quite addictive to it, which could be alarming and dangerous to Filipino’s art and culture. He also said that it is good news to the Koreans for they can earn money and popularity, while it is a bad news for the nation for not only industries and businesses are affected but also the essence of being a true Filipino.

According to Guevarra (2013) imitation is the best form of flattery and for hundreds of Kpop fans in the Philippines in her study “Creating a Safe Space for Queer Teens? Some Initial Findings on Queer Teens in K-pop Cover Groups and Fan Community.” She states that Filipino youths show their support to their Kpop idols by doing Kpop dance covers. With the use of social media Filipino youths are now able to form cover groups with other fans. They meet online and are updated on the possible performance venues.

They upload their performance videos and communicate to a virtual fan community or fandom that appreciates their efforts.Another study by Powell (2015), “K-pop: The Definition of a Global Phenomenon and its Implications for South Korea,” found that K-pop finds much of its initial support in its neighboring country, Japan. According to the study mentioned above, Japan has more K-pop views on YouTube than Korea does, with numbers exceeding a staggering four hundred and twenty three million, nearly double Korea’s YouTube views.

Kozhakmetova (2012), states that Korean Wave has influenced the perception of Japanese fans. They represent an active audience which means that they attend the concerts regularly, collect information and try to interact with their idols through letter writing. Also Japanese fans tend to purchase Korean merchandising products such as cosmetics, posters, audio and visual products and technical devices instead of purchasing their own products.In the CMDI- Tagum Campus, we observed that Senior High Students are trying to imitate Korean language and their dance style through watching Korean music videos. This leads us to conduct a study towards this issue. Statement of the ProblemThis study aims to show the effects of Korean pop music to the attitudes of the Senior High students in CMDI Tagum Campus. As observed, some of the Senior High students of this campus are idolizing K-pop groups and are fascinated in watching Korean music videos that led them to be unaware about their attitudes.

The following questions will help us to know the outcome of the influence of K-pop in the CMDI Tagum Campus;1. What are the factors that lead the Senior High School students to be influenced by K-pop?2. How does K-pop affect the attitude of Senior High School students?3. What are the possible attitudes that Senior High School students can get from being influenced by K-pop?Significance of the Study Through this study, the Senior High students K-pop fans will gain understanding of their fandom and how the influence of K-pop affects their attitudes and behavior. The study is beneficial to the following:• Students – this study can help them in a way that they will be aware about the effects of admiring the Korean groups and Korean music videos too much towards their attitudes.• Parents – it can help them because they will not be bothered anymore considering that their children are behaving properly.• Teachers – it can help them because sometimes the student is distracted by the thought of K-pop and is unaware of the attitudes they are showing to others.

As a result the students will have the respect and they will pay attention to the teacher’s discussion.• School – it will be very helpful to them to have a good image since their students have a good attitude that a student must have. And for them not to have gossips about having disrespectful and rude students.• Researchers – the findings of this study could also provide information to them and it will enhance their knowledge about the effects of K-pop to the attitudes of Senior High School students.• Future researchers – the study that we conduct will be a guide to them for their future research study.

Assumption of the StudyThere are many possible results in this study. One of these is it will lessen the enthrallment that K-pop groups bring in CMDI-Tagum Campus. Also this will be a realization to the Senior High School students, that keeping too much attention to fascinating K-pop music videos and K-pop groups is not really a good habit. Hence, we are expecting that it will help the Senior High students to be more aware of their attitudes and how they behave in front of others.

As an outcome of this we can now conclude that the influence of K-pop is one of the factors that affect the attitudes of the Senior High School students in CMDI Tagum Campus.Theoretical FrameworkThis study intends to find out the effects of K-pop to the attitudes of the Senior High students of Card- MRI Development Institute INC. Several theories have been gathered and analyzed in this research study to help determine how K-pop affects the attitude of the students.The Social Learning Theory developed by Bandura (1977) stated that imitation itself is proof that learning happens, and is visible through behavior. Students learned to like K-pop because of the behavior shown by their peers. According to Bandura learning takes place through imitating the behavior of others. The Super-Peer Theory of Strasburger (2006) stated that because teens are notoriously susceptible with peer influence, the media may function as a kind of super-peer for them. In the theory mentioned fans look up to the artists in Korean Pop Culture and admire them to the point that they want to be like them.

Another theory is the Media Dependency Theory by Rokeach (as cited in Defleur) 1976. According to them the more the person depends on the media to provide his needs, the greater importance of that media will be in the person’s life and thus, the greater the influence of the media on the person. Media Dependency Theory explain the process of the Filipino teenage fan’s consumption of K-pop and other related media content, and how their dependency on the media made way for certain behaviors, such as their greater involvement in the information processing of Korean media content. Therefore it greatly resonated how dependency on media caused the audience to perform a specific behavior.Scope and LimitationThis study will focus on the attitudes that Senior High students can get by watching Korean music videos.

The purpose of this study is to know the effects of K-pop towards the attitudes of the Senior High students of CMDI- Tagum Campus.The respondents of this study will be the Senior High students of CMDI- Tagum Campus and 10 of them will be subjected for interview.Definition of termsK-pop – abbreviation Korean pop; is a musical genre originating in South Korea that is characterized by a wide variety of audiovisual elements.Fandom – the state or condition of being a fan of someone or something.

Hallyu – Korean wave and refers to the way Korean entertainment is spreading around the world. Enthrallment – Total occupation of the attention or of the mind.Notorious – is famous or well known.Susceptible – is likely or liable to be influenced or harmed by a particular thing.


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