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Last updated: February 25, 2019

CHAPTER -1INTRODUCTION TO BOOK SHOP MANAGEMENT SYSTEMINTRODUCTIONThe Bookshop Automation System is to automate all operations in a bookshop. Generally it includes the Order Processing, Stock Management and Accounts Management.Before automating a bookshop we have to understand the concept of automation. In automation of any operation we make a system which do work automatically as the respective events occurs, for which it is meant.

There are the some common examples of the automation like that auto pilot system in the aircraft, automatic home systems (electric system, water system, fire alarm system, doors system etc.). These are best examples of the automation systems.Here we are try to develop such type system which is provide the automation on the any type of the bookshop. That means a shop which has the type system which provides the facility to the customers of the shop to purchase the books from the shop without any complexity.For example any customer wants to purchase any book from the shop than first of all customer just choose the stream of the book than he/she can see the more than one type of books there and then he/she can choose the specific book from there. And then purchase it by paying price on bookshop cash counter and receives its invoice.Problem Definition:Almost every activity in the world today is controlled by computer driven software programs.

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His trend was first accommodated by engineering applications in the past. However, as the lifestyle became more and more complex, every area of human interactions was invaded by various software systems, such as real time, business, simulation, embedded, web based, personal and more recently, artificial intelligence software etc.According to the above facts, managing and maintaining a book shop could also be controlled by efficient software.

This project focuses attention on designing efficient and reliable software which controls the transactions of a bookshop.In real world, it tends to associate with automated systems as they provide many benefits than doing the same thing in manually. As above mentioned, here we have introduced a system which can be used to maintain a bookshop.When we are concerning the manual process of a bookshop, the major problem is the waste of time. A customer has to waste his/her valuable time when he needs to buy a book as all the events such as searching, purchasing are done by members of the staff .

In briefly, the manual process is very slow. But automation will reduce the time taken in the whole process.In a bookshop we should deal with a large store. Then person (storekeeper) has to maintain it with documents which are recorded by him. Therefore, there may be defective reports. Also company has to appointed more persons to complete the maintenance of the stationery.

Then the company has to have an additional cost.As we familiar with this type of system at instance we will be able to have the results that we want. Communication with suppliers, customers and other related organizations will be more successful as the system is so fast.When the bookshop issues an item to a customer, all the stages of the transaction procedure will be facilitated by the system & it will be more accurate.Introduction to Computerized DatabaseComputer application and utilization can be seen in almost all working areas. Computer has easier for men as all those hectic tasks, once done by the man, have been taken over by computers.

This has reduced time consumption by manual procedure to a very high level. Besides this, there is always a very low risk of error; inconsistency and loss of information in computer operate calculations and computer driven procedures. Although there are certain computer disadvantages of computer usage as well, such as inefficiency due to loss of data accidently, need for having skilled labor that is computer literate people and expenditure upon computer and its accessories , which make it expensive.

But these problems can be rectified by using various techniques or strategies and taking different measures and, thus computer can never be compromised for its services to the mankind.Computer’s database system has become more popular in this regard. Due to more functionality and support offered by computers, almost all organizations and institution prefer to use computer in order to maintain their databases.Database is actually shared collection of persistent data or record of interconnected information concerning the organization. In simple words an organization keeping there records in an organized form, called database.All sort of organization, has to maintain its records for future Decision Making and progress evaluation. These records when kept in proper form, is called database.A database system involves the data itself, the hardware on which the data resides, the software’s (called database management system DBMS) that controls the storage and retrieval of data and users themselves.


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